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Day Six: More British Bollocks!

Posted by Ryan on March 28, 2007

Day Six of the hostage crisis now has the Iranians parading the British marines around on video! I thought it was illegal, according to the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War (1950), to parade prisoners in such a fashion (see Article 13), even if one of the states involved does not recognize these articles (see Article 2)! Yet even though Iran seized these soldiers in a clear act of war and/or provocation in the very least, Britain is still reluctant to admit that aspect and take appropriate action. Instead, more British bollocks on hair-splitting, appeasement-minded diplomatic propaganda-laden nonsense! It is no coincidence that Iran did not pick on an American ship.

AP photograph taken from Yahoo!

One Response to “Day Six: More British Bollocks!”

  1. […] it and it would be a dangerous precedent if implemented.  I have read the Geneva Convention (and posted on it about a year ago) on POWs and terrorists aren’t covered… specifically because they wanted to discourage […]

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