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El Mitt Romney

Posted by Ryan on March 6, 2007

Mitt Romney’s releasing some Spanish-language ads in Florida to help his chances with the conservative-voting Cuban community down there. Many conservatives today are upset at Bush because of his weak stance on illegal immigration. While the Cubans in Florida are quite legal, this move can be viewed as cow-towing to the Hispanic vote at a time when many are getting testy with other Spanish-speaking folks who are in this country illegally. In the end I think it’ll help. The fact that GWB can speak Spanish prompted Algore and John F’in Kerry to try to speak Spanish on the campaign trail, making them look silly while prompting a significant number of Hispanics to vote for Dubya. These moves could work for Mitt in allaying the fears of Catholic voters– he’s out in forefront taking it to the folks.

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Democrats who claim to know Jesus

Posted by Sal on March 6, 2007

Presidential Candidate John Edwards recently stated that the U.S. is a selfish country, and that Jesus would be appalled at our selfishness.  Edwards said:

 I think that Jesus would be disappointed in our ignoring the plight of those around us who are suffering and our focus on our own selfish short-term needs.  I think he would be appalled, actually.

 Well, Mr. Edwards, assuming your premise is true (which it is not, see below) would Jesus be supportive or appalled at the slaughter of millions of innocent babies every year through abortion?  Would he be pleased or appalled at the ruining of the institution of marriage?  Would he be pleased or appalled at the so-called “Welfare state” which instead of helping people and bringing them up, keeps people down with a government handout?  Why is it that when a Conservative brings religion into politics (remember George W. Bush citing Jesus as the most influential philosopher on his life) the media goes into complete attack mode, but when a liberal brings religion into politics, there is barely a whisper. 

Finally, on the false premise that America is a selfish country.  America is the most generous nation in the world.  True, our foreign aid as a percentage of GDP is on the low-end, but that’s because we as American’s believe for the most part that big government is bad and that government is not the solution.  Americans give a tremendous amount of money through private donations to charitable organizations, more-so than any other nation.  When you couple that with the government aid, we are indeed the most generous. 

A word of advice to John Edwards:  insulting the American people will not get you closer to the Presidency. 

 Story via Drudge.

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“300” Reasons to NOT Read the Slimes

Posted by Ryan on March 5, 2007

300 is a film coming out on Friday that is sure to please fans of stylistic bloody historic battle movies like me. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I saw it’s trailer at Apocalypto months ago! Yet the Slimes comes in with this story on how the movie is an allegory of Bush and the Iraq War… or, maybe it’s not. They tried to do this with V for Vendetta— a movie I, a conservative, really enjoy. 300 was a comic book, loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae, reworked by Frank Miller in 1998, just like V was penned about the future legacy of the Thatcher era as viewed in the early 1980s!

My thoughts: “Hey New York Slimes, get your liberal mitts off my bloody historic action films!”

Picture from

UPDATE:  March 10, 2007– I just got back from this movie and loved it!  Lots of testosterone, blood, nakedness and a pro-freedom moral.  Any relation to contemporary politics?  Very little.  Like the article says, you’re going to get what you want to get out of the analogies, anecdote or allegory of this film.  I saw a visually stunning and captivating take on a 2400 year-old battle, stylized for a 21st century audience.

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Dealing with China: Why Laura Ingraham is Wrong

Posted by Sal on March 5, 2007

Let me preface this with the fact that I am a huge fan of Laura Ingraham.  I love her show, think that she is one of the most important voices in the spread of conservatism, and find her to be both informative and humorous.  She was a leading force that helped get Harriet Miers to withdraw her nomination and helped get Sam Alito appointed to the Supreme Court.  However, listening to her show on Friday, she discussed her views on China which I feel that she is not only wrong, but is dangerously wrong. 

Laura recommends using our economic influence to help shape China’s policy.  She rightly points out that China is horrific on human rights, is showing signs of military buildup, and is not exactly a friend of the United States.  She seems to be recommending some kind of economic sanctions, and bemoans the fact that manufacturing jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania are being lost to China.  She agreed with statements by She-who-must-not-be-named and Chuck Schumer.  She claims that they are speaking like “populist conservatives.” 

Laura, we love you, but you are just plain wrong in this case.   Imposing any kind of tariff or trade restriction on China would cause massive ripples and affect the U.S. economy far more than the Chinese economy.  The U.S. economy is so intertwined with the Chinese economy (and the rest of the world economies) that any major economic effort to attempt to change Chinese policy would cause a massive loss of U.S. jobs and a recession in the U.S. economy.  The low cost of labor and goods coming from China have allowed U.S. companies to provide lower-cost goods and services, higher paying jobs, and produce more goods and services for the world economy.  If the U.S. imposed a tariff or some kind of Economic Sanctions (footnote:  Economic sanctions never work.  They are completely useless, have absolutely no teeth, and in this case would be devastating to our economy) the cost of raw goods would rise, and companies would have less money to make goods and services.  Jobs would be lost or salaries cut because companies would not have as much capital to invest.  True, China’s economy would be dented (they do trade with other countries, and they would have to refocus) but ours would be devastated. 

On the loss of Manufacturing jobs, the U.S. economy has gone through cycles before where a certain sector of jobs is lost as the economy goes through a transition.  Economist Walter E. Williams has used the example that in 1980, there were a high number of telephone switchboard operators in the United States.  Due to new technology which automated telephone switchboards, those jobs were lost.  However, today we have record unemployment.  Many people thought that the advent of Computers would cause massive unemployment as computers automated more processes previously done by humans.  However, this was not the case and computers have opened up an entire new sector in our economy.   Losing manufacturing jobs to China hasa short-term negative impact to those whose jobs are affected.  Long-term, however, it is better for our economy because those manufacturing jobs will eventually be replaced by higher paying jobs as our economy continues to expand, change, and move into new directions.  That has been the genius of the U.S. economy since the Industrial Revolution, and it will continue to be in the future unless we hamper it with such “populist” measures as tariffs or economic sanctions.

Finally, Laura is right to point out that China is a threat to us militarily, and needs to be dealt with.  The answer is not economic, however, it is military.  The military needs to be built up again in a cold-war fashion to act as a deterrent to China.  Building a missile shield is one of the best ways to accomplish this, as is a military buildup that would ensure that if China attacked us in any significant way, we would have the capability to instantly wipe them off the map.  It sounds cruel, but their intentions are not noble, and we need to make sure that our military force is so substantial that it would be suicide for them to even attempt an attack.  I do agree that we cannot take our eye off China in the pursuit of the War on Terror, and a military buildup is the best way to accomplish that.  We should also continue to push pro-democracy movements in China, and work on economic reforms through such organizations as the WTO (a much more effective organization than the U.N.).  These are the appropriate measures to push China to change, ensure our national security, and continue the economic expansion that the U.S. has enjoyed for the past 50 years.  

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CPAC Picks Romney

Posted by Ryan on March 4, 2007

Another straw poll, this time by the Conservative Politcal Action Conference (CPAC) demonstrates the following results: Romney wins the plurality with 21%, followed by Guiliani at 17%. Newt is in fourth place with 14% (he hasn’t even declared yet!), and Precious with a whopping 12%.

I believe this poll is a better one than the South Carolina Straw Poll (see below) because it gauges conservative points of view from all over the country. Romney gave a great speech at CPAC and made many friends and converts. His “gravitas”, attraction, and conservative talk make him an ideal candidate at this point. Yet, Guiliani is right there in both polls in second place, and Newt “Sam” Gingrich is also in the mix. At least the Republican field isn’t cannibalizing itself like the Dems–our side’s not as popcorn-friendly just yet!

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South Carolina Straw Poll

Posted by Ryan on March 3, 2007

The first “straw poll” of the 2008 election season was taken in South Carolina yesterday.  Smeagol came out on top, but by only two votes!  Rudy lost 164-162 with Duncan Hunter coming in third with 158.  Newt came in sixth as a write in candidate!  What does this all mean?  There are still plenty of McCainiacs out there that could spell trouble next year, but the strong showing of “also-ran” conservative Duncan Hunter shows that there are still some cool-headed conservatives out there ready for a fight before they let Precious take over party.

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Global Warming News… from Mars!

Posted by Ryan on March 2, 2007

Climate change on Mars and caused by the sun of all things?! How could this be? I thought that SUVs and cow gas caused the depletion of the ozone layer and our impending doom! I thought that climate change and global warming was all part of some inconvenient truth that Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet itself, figured out. Halliburton hasn’t gotten their mitts dirty up there just yet, but I’m sure Cheney and Rove are plotting Mars’ destruction too!

In truth, reactionary jumps towards blaming all the climate problems on this Earth on things like SUVs and industrial nations (that have political implications by the way) does seem a little convenient for some politicians turning to science for their own agenda. Yes, we’ve left some footprint, but some of what’s happening here on Earth could be the Sun or even the Earth doing its own thing. Is that even a possibility to the washed, global-warmingist mind?

Also, the sun is a very, very big bright thing. It can burn your skin from 93 million miles away. Could it have any bearing on our climate? I think yes. The article indicates that it seems to have something to do with Martian behavior– a planet even further from the sun than us with huge amounts of CO2 in its atmosphere.

UPDATE: 3/4/2007:  This news show to air in Europe is openly trying to attack the animus towards scientists who don’t believe humans are the biggest cause of greenhouse gases. I wonder how it’ll be received???

Pic from Biology Daily.

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Newt on the Attack!

Posted by Ryan on March 1, 2007

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated the obvious with clarity in this New York Post interview: that She Who Must Not Be Named is “nasty,” her campaign “ruthless,” and that she would be the ultimate nominee for the Democrats.  He also chimed in on another obvious point: Republicans need to nominate a conservative, for a moderate Republican against SWMNBN will absolutely lose.

If Newt’s running he’ll do it later this year when we’ve gotten fatigued of the current swath of candidates.  I have a feeling that Algore is going to do the same.  Newt’s my personal favorite right now: he’s the most Churhillian on the War on Terror, he’s got a great record of achievement in the 104th and 105th Congress and he’s a vision-guy.  Electable?  Who cares! I’m a Republican–if there’s a sword, I’m ready to jump on it!

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