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Thompson is Running for President

Posted by Mike on April 2, 2007

No, not Fred, Tommy. Tommy Thompson, the nation’s best governor during the 1990s and former Secretary of Health and Human Services, officially threw his hat into the ring yesterday.  A tax cutting and pro-life conservative, Thompson is best known for his pioneering efforts in the areas of welfare reform and school choice.  Although liberals kicked, screamed,and demagogued against his proposals, especially the work requirement for welfare recipients, those proposals were implemented and served as the model of reform during the 1990s.

Although Thompson is respected by Republicans and independents as a pragmatic conservative with a common sense approach to problem solving, he isn’t the most charismatic figure in American politics.  He is a better option than most of his current opponents for the nomination, but I’d rather see him at the bottom of the ticket.  He would deliver Wisconsin and would be qualified to serve in the White House if anything were to happen to the 44th President.

Thompson and Thompson would be fine with me.

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The Money Game

Posted by Ryan on April 2, 2007

As recently reported, here’s some of the total fundraising numbers from the first three months of campaigning for 2008:

  1. She Who Must Not Be Named: $26 million raised, plus ten million sloppy-seconds from her Senate campaign.
  2. Mitt Romney: $23 million
  3. Barry Obama: $21 million

Rounding out the top also-rans:

  1. $17 million for Rudy Giuliani
  2. $14 million for John Edwards
  3. McCain has not, as of yet, released his numbers…

Why are these numbers important? In the age of McCain-Feingold (or what many like to affectionately call the “Incumbency Protection Act of 2002”) raising money early is about the only way lesser known candidates can get their voice heard without relying on those wonderful 527s we warmly remember from ’04 and ’06, or having their speech stifled two months before the election, when coincidentally everyone’s paying attention.

Some also believe that money equals popularity, so the thought is that the candidate who raises the most money is the true front-runner. I tend to disagree. I think a better gauge is numbers of contributors not how much they contributed at this point. Unfortunately, money equals access to TV ads and a larger campaign infrastructure to get one’s message to the people (or effectively hide or reinvent it in the case of SWMNBN).

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