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Thompson is Running for President

Posted by Mike on April 2, 2007

No, not Fred, Tommy. Tommy Thompson, the nation’s best governor during the 1990s and former Secretary of Health and Human Services, officially threw his hat into the ring yesterday.  A tax cutting and pro-life conservative, Thompson is best known for his pioneering efforts in the areas of welfare reform and school choice.  Although liberals kicked, screamed,and demagogued against his proposals, especially the work requirement for welfare recipients, those proposals were implemented and served as the model of reform during the 1990s.

Although Thompson is respected by Republicans and independents as a pragmatic conservative with a common sense approach to problem solving, he isn’t the most charismatic figure in American politics.  He is a better option than most of his current opponents for the nomination, but I’d rather see him at the bottom of the ticket.  He would deliver Wisconsin and would be qualified to serve in the White House if anything were to happen to the 44th President.

Thompson and Thompson would be fine with me.


8 Responses to “Thompson is Running for President”

  1. Noonan said

    He also isn’t perfectly Pro-Life. He supported embryonic stem cell. I hope he doesn’t wind up on either end of the ticket.

  2. Ryan said

    Tommy T is probably just running for the Veep seat. In that, I agree with Mike. He lacks the “gravitas” of a front runner in this current crop of Republicans. He’ll garner a protest vote here and there in my opinion, but with the specter of Fred Thompson waiting in the wings, conservatives would not be in a generous Tommy T mood if Fred jumps in.

  3. Chris said

    My first impression of Tommy Thompson running for president was ‘so what?’ While he did a lot of good for Wisconsin and served the president well during the first term, his name recognition is not there and I do agree with the lack of charisma and media persona being a liability.

    I must say, though, that after watching him on Hannity and Colmes, he laid a pretty good smackdown on Alan Colmes after a smarmy comment about conservatives and abortion. If we see a little more of this, this could be interesting, but now, I’m not seeing ‘T Squared’ go too far.

  4. Mike said


    Name recognition is actually not a problem. If you recall, this guy’s reputation in the 1990s was second to none. He was THE governor in the mid-1990s. Many people still remember him. Even today, the Gov. is still well known and admired in his state and region, a region which contains the important and winnable blue states of WI, MN, and MI and the almost pink state Iowa. Any GOP nominee would be negligent in failing to at least consider Tommy Thompson for the number 2 slot.

    As far as the ticket is concerned, with more than a year until the conventions, it’s difficult to see any potential VP going very far, especially when the top of the GOP ticket is so unpredictable.

  5. Noonan said

    On a different note in the GOP presidential picture, Giuliani has recently stated his type of strict constructionist could go either way on Roe and would “respect precedent”, and pay for abortions with our tax dollars.

  6. Mike said


    Hardly a smoking gun. President Bush said a strict constructionist could go either way on Roe, but he gave us Roberts and Alito after promising Scalias and Thomases. Rudy is promising Scalias and Alitos.

    As was noted earlier, no disagreement on the tax dollar issue.

  7. Noonan said

    Fair enough, but we can get to a strong level of certainty before having a smoking gun. I know we’re on the same page on abortion and certainly taxpayer funding, but I think its also telling that he believes the justification for that funding comes from abortion being a constitutional right. While we don’t “know” he’d put up a pro-choice judge, its really hard to see him not doing exactly that, even if the judge happens to meet his definition of strict constructionist. He’s 100% pro-choice and even seems passionate about it. (The only exception being a recent flip-flop to being against partial birth abortion, but I suspect that’s only because we’ve already got 5 justices against that).

  8. Mike said

    I think our disagreement on this overall issue could barely be found on the head of a pin. I’m extremely troubled by Rudy. I would take the gamble if he was nominated but I’d be incredibly nervous about it.

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