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Let the Framing Begin

Posted by Mike on April 5, 2007

Over the next year and a half, the mainstream media will be distributing the kool-aid like never before on behalf of She Who Must Not Be Named.  We all know that every news story will be framed to her benefit, but the political  narrative will also be told in a way that will make normal people vomit.  Enter Jonathan Alter.

According to Alter, Barrack Obama’s slight advantage in primary fundraising dollars over the beast means that the latter is now the underdog despite her lead in the polls.  Never mind the fact that the reason why she raised slightly less than Obama has everything to do with the fact that she raised nearly 10 million in general election funding.  Her name (which we do not say) recognition among Democrat death eaters, um donors, is so extensive that she can afford to simultaneously raise funds for both phases of the campaign.  An underdog she is not.

I know liberal hacks in the media would love nothing more than to convince people that She Who Must Not Be Named is the underdog so that they can later run story after story about how their favorite female candidate was so strong and formidable because she overcame the odds to make history.  The facts tell a different story however.  Nice try Jonathan.  You can’t alter this story.

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She’s Embarrassing

Posted by Ryan on April 5, 2007

Even the Washington Post is having problems with San Fran Nan’s attempt at her own personal foreign policy.  In a complete intellectual turnabout, the “Compost” is actually making sense.  Like libs in general she’s making stuff up to hurt the Bush Administration with the hope it sticks if the media parrots it enough times–like a message of re-engagement from Olmert in Israel to the terrorist sponsoring Syria.  Umm…no.  Never happened.  So why’d she say it?  Was that a lie or just a feeble attempt to look important by making stuff up? This is Syria Mrs. Speaker, not DC where you can just lie like that and no one’ll call you on it.  Whatever it is, it’s dangerous and embarrassing.

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