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A Voice in the Wilderness

Posted by Mike on April 8, 2007

Backed into a diplomatic corner, Iran decided to kidnap 15 British sailors from Iraqi waters, a blatant act of war. The UK and the international community displayed their collective outrage with the diplomatic equivalent of a sternly worded letter. After a couple weeks of back and forth behind closed doors, the Iranians return the kidnapped soldiers. The Iranian act of war is thus far unpunished as the mullahs march to nuclear madness. So, where do the UK and Iran stand now?

Tony Blair doesn’t appear to be in much of a mood for celebrating. I don’t know how he could be, given the troubling spectacle of British soldiers shake the hand of their kidnapper as a condition of release. In the old days, they would have kissed his ring — but wearing Iranian suits and carrying swag more appropriate to a Hollywood awards ceremony may have been as embarrassing. Ironically, Blair’s options are fewer by the day as his own party moves to mothball the British fleet, once the fear of pirates and tyrants the world over.

Some in the West seem part of Iran’s propaganda war; claiming that the release of the hostages was a victory that proves the Iranian dictatorship can be reasoned with. To misrepresent unpunished piracy as a victory is as Orwellian as the congressional mandate banning use of the term “the global war on terror.” What are we — Reuters?

Who is the man delivering such moral clarity at this crucial time? Fred Thompson.

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Romney Shoots Himself in the Foot

Posted by Mike on April 8, 2007

Mike Huckabee is calling out Mitt Romney on his questionable claims that he is a lifelong hunter.  It seems that the Romney campaign recently tried to create the impression that their candidate is a lifelong hunter.  It turns out that he isn’t and the candidate is now backtracking.

This harmless fib wouldn’t be a big deal except that it reinforces the perception that Mitt Romney is a little too slick for his own good.  For years, conservatives have rightly ridiculed liberal politicians for similar whoppers.  Remember when Bill Clinton had vivid memories of church burnings that didn’t happen, or when She Who Must Not Be Named was named after an explorer years before said explorer became famous, or when Al Gore said, well, basically everything that ever flew out of Al Gore’s mouth?

By itself, this kind of white lie by itself probably isn’t a big deal, but if someone is willing to say anything to win your vote, and change his positions depending on which constituency he panders to, it is fair to ask what that person would do if he thinks he needs to pander to the left.  Character still counts.

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Happy Easter!!!

Posted by Ryan on April 8, 2007

From all of us here at Axis of Right, we extend our heartfelt wishes that you and your family have an excellent and holy Easter.

Picture from St. John Catholic. org

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