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Scared of a Fox

Posted by Ryan on April 10, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named and Barry O’bama have decided to skip one of the Democratic Presidential debates sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus because it is being moderated by Fox News.

So these two Democratic heavyweights (one more than the other, of course) are dodging Fox, the most watched cable news network in the nation because… oh yeah, Fox might ask real substantive questions that the people who do not attend their fundraisers or dinner parties may want answers to. This is a chance for outreach to moderates, conservatives, and liberals who gave up on CNN and MSNBC years ago. However, this is yet another example of liberal elitism, fear of the “other half” of Americans (those that watch Fox, and/or vote Republican), and a lack of gumption by the candidates in the face of potentially tough questions. I don’t want my next President to show fear like this or dodge specific parts of the legitimate media–it’s shallow and weak.


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