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Question for President Bush

Posted by Mike on April 11, 2007

Why is John McCain doing YOUR job? Everyone around here knows I’m no fan of John McCain, but at least it looks like he’s willing to ditch the new tone. Our current President should have done that years ago.

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A Stem Cell Success!

Posted by Ryan on April 11, 2007

Word has come out of the medical community in Britain that stem cell therapy seriously helped a number of Type-1 diabetics. Thirteen of the fifteen members of the study no longer needed to take daily insulin injections! All they needed was an injection of manipulated stem cells taken from their own red blood cells. Suddenly, their pancreas’ can handle the right chemicals. Similar results were observed in an Irish study last year.

So, yet another potential major medical breakthrough based on NON-embryonic stem cells. Breakthroughs from embryonic stems cells are still pie-in-the-sky idealism today, at the expense of harvesting and destroying human life in the mean time.

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