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Good News on Race Relations

Posted by Ryan on April 12, 2007

With current racial tensions being highlighted all over the media this week, this story has some good news on the issue of race:

According to this AP story interracial marriages are up substantially over the last forty years, reaching a total of seven percent of all married couples in America in 2005! The racial boundaries of old are collapsing for more and more Americans, as this trend will likely increase since the Millennial Generation (the Baby Boom Echo) is the most ethnically diverse in American history. So while some in the media like to focus solely on what still needs fixing, here is a positive story for a change.

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Duke Lacrosse and the Games Democrats Play

Posted by Mike on April 12, 2007

After a thorough investigation, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has dropped all charges against Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans, the Duke lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape by stripper Crystal Gail Magnum. (Don’t worry, the link is innocuous). In his strongly worded statement, Cooper slammed District Aootrney Mike Nifong for his bravado in pursuing the case despite overwhelming evidence that the young men were innocent.

So how did such a weak case ever see the light of day? The answer is simple. Mike Nifong, a North Carolina Democrat, was seeking re-election to his District Attorney position and thought it would be politically expedient to play the race card to win the Democratic primary. Durham North Carolina is a locality with a large black population. Nifong thought that he could prosecute a case on behalf of a black accuser against a bunch of rich white kids “lucky enough” to attend Duke University. Of course it made no difference to the North Carolina Democrat that he had to abuse the legal process to railroad innocent people through the system.

This case was a miscarriage of justice. The media has done a pretty good job of making that clear. However, what hasn’t been covered is that this was also a case where a Democrat employed two of the most common plays from his party’s playbook: playing the race card from the bottom of the deck, and abusing the legal system to score political points. This time, three innocent men went through hell and almost went to prison for a long time. Maybe Democrats should start to reconsider the games they play with peoples’ lives.

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