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Good News on Race Relations

Posted by Ryan on April 12, 2007

With current racial tensions being highlighted all over the media this week, this story has some good news on the issue of race:

According to this AP story interracial marriages are up substantially over the last forty years, reaching a total of seven percent of all married couples in America in 2005! The racial boundaries of old are collapsing for more and more Americans, as this trend will likely increase since the Millennial Generation (the Baby Boom Echo) is the most ethnically diverse in American history. So while some in the media like to focus solely on what still needs fixing, here is a positive story for a change.


3 Responses to “Good News on Race Relations”

  1. hydralisk said

    That’s kinda neat. I wonder what the % will be 25 years from now?

  2. Tyler Goines said

    Check this…. Based on the color of my skin I’m guilty of slavery. My family, not the people I look like, but my family had nine members fought in the civil war only five came back. Still the Rev Sharpton ( What church does he hold sermons at?) and Jackson say I may not be guilty of slavery but I should feel bad.
    Here’s the kicker….. I nor any white person ever got a f***ing THANK YOU for the sacrifices made by us. You know it was the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil, it was white on white, but the white man did nothing for blacks…… Isn’t that funny?

    Any time a person of color tells you that you need to feel bad about slavery you let them know they are direct descendants of Treasonist turn coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    During the revolutionary war the British went down south and said if any slave fought for one year they would be granted freedom…. Blacks turned out in droves. Thousands of slaves went and fought AGAINST the Americans. THAT’S TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know, I know they were fighting for their freedom so that excuses the crime. Wrong… in every country through out time up till today no one excuses Treason…… There is not excuse

    Some people will say well America wasn’t a country at the time…. We didn’t become a country until 1782. Well that great but every American accepts 1776 as our birth of a nation. So any crimes against America starting form July 4,1776 is a crime against America …… Including Treason.

    Whites who fought against slavery, those who made it a crime to have slaves should fell bad about something that was COMPLETELY LEGAL until whites changed that, but blacks are not guilty of Treason, an act that is still punishable by death. Why? Blacks may feel bad? Oh no… the ONLY people who say all the time whites should feel bad……. We can’t have those people feel bad about THEIR indiscretions. That would be wrong….. Matter of fact many may call me a racist for pointing out the truth.

    REMEMBER whites this is for when you are told to feel bad about slavery. It is not an argument to make blacks feel bad.

    We ALL need to stop letting the media divide us along color lines. We need solidarity so we can fight the ones separating us.

    A few moons ago the powers that be gave control of two piers along the west side of Manhattan…. Every New Yorker stood up together regardless of race, creed, or color and said WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS. The next day that came to a screeching halt. Proving to me that the power of the American people was still strong.
    That is my dream… The power of the American people.

    When we all stand up and tell Them (powers that be) WE will not have this anymore. I know as you and They know it will truly be a new day.

    Here’s your war cry ———–

    -Tyler Goines

  3. Ryan said

    One of the things that makes America great is that we have no title of nobility. A result of this is that you are ultimately judged by your own actions, rather than those of your parents. You are born with a clean slate in this nation.

    Joe Kennedy was both a Democrat in the Roosevelt Administration and a fascist sympathizer while ambassador to Britain. Do we judge the Cape Cod Orca, Ted “Fins” Kennedy on what his dad did, or that he is a second degree murder on his own accord? The latter, of course.

    Regardless of who owned who 142 years ago, or who was treasonous in the past, the political and sports mantra is and should be: “what have you done for me lately?” What has Reverand Al done for Civil Rights lately? Does it conform with Dr. King’s dream of a truly colorblind society or does it increase tensions to promote his personal agenda? I think we know that answer.

    25 years from now, I think those stats will at least double. Kids today in more and more parts of the country are seeing race as less of an issue, as well as embracing similar aspects of the culture so that they have more in common with each other on that level– something previous generations did not have.

    However, I do think the “kabooki dance” is getting old for racist speech. A punishment should fit the crime in my opinion. Let the court of public opinion and market-based forces determine the rest.

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