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Tolkien’s New Book: The Children of Hurin

Posted by Mike on April 18, 2007

“The Children of Hurin”, a new book by J.R.R. Tolkien, hit bookstore shelves yesterday with great fanfare. The book was edited by Tolkien’s son Christopher, who painstakingly constructed the book’s contents from Tolkien the Elder’s manuscripts. Opinions on the book among Tolkien fans appears to be divided at this early stage, but all seem interested in reading it.

As someone who never finished “Lord of the Rings,” I’m not qualified to offer an opinion on the subject. However, I intend to finish the classic sometime soon and then pick up a copy of “The Children of Hurin.” In the meantime, thoughts from Tolkien fans would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Tolkien’s New Book: The Children of Hurin”

  1. Noonan said

    Never thought there’d be new work from Tolkien, very exciting! I loved the LotR. Not only did Tolkien create his own world complete with different languages, but the work is a great adventure, rich in Christian and particularly Catholic symbolism. I can’t wait to read the Children of Hurin.

  2. Ryan said

    Christopher Tolkien’s tried this before. The Silmarillion is a creation story and the story of the Elves based on his father’s notes and it really rocks! You need to pay close attention to the zillions of names, but it’s really cool. They’ve also come out with a series “War of the Ring” which is just side stories and fleshing out of certain details.

    I hope this is something new and exciting from the Tolkien realm and not just a rehash of older stuff. But, if the Silmarillion is any clue about what to expect, this new book should be awesome!

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