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Democrats Caving

Posted by Sal on April 19, 2007

The Democrats have blinked first.  In an attempt to force Bush to accept a bill with a timetable in it, the Dems are considering making the timetable advisory-only.  This is their attempt to save face with their base while trying to put the President in a difficult position.  Trouble is, the Democrats don’t win either way.  The American people, no matter how they feel about the war, will not tolerate not funding the troops.  In battles such as this, between the legislature and the Presidency, the President usually comes out on top (remember the Government shutdowns in the 90s).  The Democrat’s think that they have the upper hand, but Congressional approval rating is about the same as the President’s.  My prediction is that the fight will intensify and the Democrat’s will cave even more at the end, or risk losing what little support they have while driving the President’s numbers up. 

Link via Michelle Malkin


2 Responses to “Democrats Caving”

  1. Ryan said

    I wonder if the poll was only released when the numbers were at their highest. Also the sampling data of the poll is murky. That being said, I agree that the Dems will overplay their hands and get nailed in the next election… if the Republicans will actually fight back and even (God forbid) go on the offensive!

  2. Mike said

    I’m not sure the President’s numbers will go up much but the Dems are stuck. Most of their base thinks they have a mandate to undermine the war. What they fail to realize is the seats which put them over the top in the last elections are located in Republican-leaning districts which crossed party lines precisely because of conservative Democrats who promised not to cut and run during the campaign.

    Undermining the U.S. will not sell in those districts. If they go for it, they lose thier majority in 2008. If they don’t, the moonbats go nuts. And let’s face it, Reid and Pelosi are simply not saavy enough to smooth things over within their party.

    The 2008 Republican will benefit from this. They support the troops and because they are not members of the Administration, they won’t be tied to the administration’s “mismanagement.” The Dems will be waving the white flag though. That’s a political strategy that may work in France, but not here.

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