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We Lose– They Win

Posted by Ryan on April 19, 2007

Harry Reid officially just said what he’s been thinking all this time: the war in Iraq is lost.  So the Senate Majority leader has pinned his political future on America losing in Iraq.   This is a perfect example of where Al-Qaeda is clearly winning the War on Terror– a few terrific deadly bombings and the press goes nuts, calling for retreat, to which the Dems simply parrot and proceed.  Yet, Harry Reid knows full well that the troop surge is only half finished, therefore it’s true merits cannot be presently judged.  He’s certainly showing himself to be an opportunistic coward.

Adding to Harry Reid’s cut-and-run rhetoric today is this piece from Real Clear Politics, linked from Fox News’ political section.  In it, rather than say we lost, Richard Halloran tells us simply:  the pre-9/11 system of defense should be America’s new direction.  So just today Reid’s saying we’ve lost, and in a related article Halloran believes we should go back to a doctrine that clearly did not work against terrorists or terrorism.

I honestly believed that the Dems were going to use their 2006 win to shape a victory in their own image with Bush and the Republicans squarely embarrassed by the electoral loss last November.  Yet, the Dems chose a path I can’t explain.  America loves success and winning, not failure in the face of a sworn enemy in their media-induced ascendancy.  Yet, the Dems have staked their future on losing at the expense of the nation’s prestige, influence, and national security interest at a critical time for ourselves and our enemies.

Picture from Free Republic.


2 Responses to “We Lose– They Win”

  1. Rightonoz said

    Hi Ryan,

    Trouble is, from an outsiders persective it seems you are stuck between an administration that started a war they should not have and are now stuck in a Vietnam style, Can’t withdraw (It’s not manly according to George Carlin – Class Clown – 70’s show from memory)with no viable plan and the Dems, let’s run without looking at the options. Either one is going to be a loser – big time.

    Personal view, I’d like our Special Forces troops out of Iraq and transferred to Afghanistan to hunt down the ring leaders – including sneaking into Pakistan if necessary.

    I do believe the situation in Iraq is so out of hand that neither party has a viable plan which leaves us all in the Sh**. Party politics is not the answer, but then both sides have too many pig headed or plain loony fools for anything other than their locked in positions to be given bipartisan consideration.

  2. Ryan said

    Hey Oz,

    I agree that the Aussies’ special forces could better be used in the search for the old al-qaeda crew. Unfortunately, every single two-bit terrorist group latches al-qaeda’s name to everything just to seem important. But while tactically getting Bin Ladin and Zawahiri wouldn’t do much, it would be a psychological blow to the enemy. We know they’re in Waziristan, but Musharref won’t let anyone in. That’s where special forces can hopefully sneak in and do some damage.

    On Iraq: it’s the central front in the shooting War on Terror. Whether victory is a stable, reconciled government, or a choosing of sides and latching onto a strong man to keep peace, what’s bugging me is that the Dems are not interested in any face-saving or in the big-picture view of HOW we leave. If we run, the enemies get a boost. If we draw down as security gets better, then that’s a different story. Either way, it must appear to our enemies that we are leaving on our own time table, not theirs. For I believe with a strong certainty that the media and propaganda front of this war is critically important to the survival of our enemy’s willpower after we’re gone and they have to find a new Iraq ro infultrate. If they think that super-deadly car bombs will work to drive us out, then they’ll keep doing it. That’s why I think the Dem’s language is harmful– it’s not considering its full audience.

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