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Moyers Misses It

Posted by Ryan on April 20, 2007

Bill Moyers is in his own world, talking to the same people, hearing the same nonsense, but he’s decided to do a documentary on how the MSM was not anti-war enough in the lead up to the Iraq War.  Citing that most news stories got their information from the White House, Administration sources, and the military, Moyers whines that the press didn’t probe deep enough into opposing the war before it happened!

Well, who else are you going to get real information from, the MoveOn Moonbats?  Did they realize that getting Saddam was popular amongst the American people back then and since they are populist pigs, they just went along with the crowd?

So, what is new here anyway?  The MSM have been replaying those months before the war for over four years now.   But, I suppose this “fresh” look at their complacency will demonstrate how lazy they have actually become.  Moyers concludes that they blew it.  He should be reporting on how they’ve continued to blow it four years on.

3 Responses to “Moyers Misses It”

  1. Salinger said

    Best part about this is that it is airing on taxpayer-funded PBS.

  2. Chris said

    Let us first remember about Bill Moyers that eventhough he ‘claims’ to be a journalist, he’s nothing but an apologist for the left…this is the same Bill Moyers who advised LBJ on how to grow the size and scope of the Federal Government during the ‘Great Society’ years, second in growth only to the New Deal. This is the same Bill Moyers who has spewed his left wing venom for years on the taxpayer’s dime, trying to pass himself off as a real journalist. This is the same Bill Moyers who I heard in a speech at my alma mater claim that he is afraid George W. Bush is taking the steps to get rid of the ‘free media’ as a result of the Patriot Act policies. Let us also remember that Bill Moyers is a complete hypocrite, claiming to decry the alleged Republican heavy handed tactics, but readily participating in them in order to help LBJ beat Goldwater in 1964 .

    Bill Moyers is a has-been and I take nothing he says seriously, but unfortunately, there are some moonbats out there who do.

  3. Ryan said

    I’m reading a book called “The Power of Myth” where Bill Moyers is interviewing the renowned late Joseph Campbell on matters of myth and spirit. Next to the massive wealth of knowledge and brain-power of Campbell, Moyers looks pitiful as he tries too hard to add anecdotes and follow the brilliant Campbell to realms Moyers can’t reach.

    By doing this piece on PBS he gets to become the voice of all the muted libs as his one-man crusade (sorry, poor choice of words) exposes the insidious nature of the evils that George “Dubya” Bush and his sidekick, Dick “Emperor Palpatine” Cheney perpetrate on this unsuspecting, victimized media. The rule is: if you can say your leaders are fascist pigs in public and not be shot or black-bagged, then your leaders are not fascist pigs. Simple.

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