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The Phone Call

Posted by Ryan on April 21, 2007

Mulling it over as to whether or not to post this story, I can’t keep quiet about the way Alec Baldwin went WAY over the line in this voice-mail to his daughter not long ago. Embroiled in a nasty divorce, Baldwin demonstrates his full-fledged sleaze-bag status in full force by the way he talks to his daughter AND the fact he blames his ex-wife Kim Basinger for both riling him up and releasing the recording!

This is a personal issue between people going through a messy, very public divorce. Yet, as a teacher if I heard someone’s parents talking to a student of mine like that I would immediately inform the authorities otherwise be liable if this kind of mental and emotional child-abuse continues to occur! That’s what gets me on this one! He’s a star so we’ll shrug this whole thing off. How much of this abuse goes on between narcissistic parents too self-absorbed to realize that their rage and anger is hurting other people– namely their kids. Alec is a horrible dad for this kind of hurtful rant and Kim is a self-aborbed mom more interested in embarrassing her husband than respecting her 11 year old daughter’s privacy in this difficult time. Tell me again why Hollywood folks are icons?


One Response to “The Phone Call”

  1. Rightonoz said

    Hi Ryan,

    Agree with you 100% on this one.

    Both of them are acting like scum. And these people get paid 10’s of millions per film?

    Guess with that sort of money you write your own rules on morality.

    Glad to hear as a teacher you would act and not sit on your hands like too many these days!

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