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Mrs. Gutfeld Rules!

Posted by Mike on April 23, 2007

Forget the Half Hour News Hour. If you are ever suffering from insomnia or merely in the mood for late night news and entertainment, be sure to check out Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Red Eye is basically a program where moderately cool people joke about the news. I think this is what Fox was trying to do with the Half Hour News Hour, but Red Eye actually delivers. It’s not a bad show for 2 AM.

Without question, the best part of the show is Fox News Senior Correspondent, Mrs. Gutfeld (Greg’s mother). Normally she discusses what she saw on Fox News earlier in the day, but on this occasion, she had something else in mind. Move over Mrs. Letterman!

One Response to “Mrs. Gutfeld Rules!”

  1. Chris said

    I came across this show last weekend and I think it’s great…news analysis with a 2 drink minimum…quite entertaining for 2AM. And having Courtney Friel on Red Eye makes it more entertaining and we sure do learn a lot about her…here’s another crazy Courtney clip …I’d love to know what they’re drinking in that green room.

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