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Take That, Harry Reid

Posted by Sal on April 24, 2007

A U.S. Marine stationed in Ramadi, Iraq, wrote an email to a friend in which he lambasted the Democrats and Harry Reid for saying that the war was lost.  This Marine points out how the situation in Ramdi has dramatically improved, and has a few choice words for the Majority Leader.  Additionally, Army reservists from Harry Reid’s own State of Nevada beg to differ with his assertion, and blaming politicians for tying the hands of the military in fighting this war.  What the Democrat’s don’t realize is that they can’t support the troops while undermining the mission.  The troops themselves don’t buy into that theory, so why should we?  By making comments such as he did, Harry Reid and the Democrat’s are making it harder for the troops to do their job effectively.  Their words hurt morale and embolden the terrorists.  The terrorists are on the warpath right now, knowing that if they can last just a little longer, they just might win the war along with the help of their accomplices in Congress. 

Links via Drudge and Michelle Malkin

One Response to “Take That, Harry Reid”

  1. Ryan said

    Dear Harry,

    I wholeheartedly hope it falls off.

    The Troops

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