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Joe Buzz

Posted by Ryan on April 25, 2007

There’s a buzz around the blogosphere about Joe Lieberman’s response to Harry Reid’s “the war is lost” rhetoric.  The buzz isn’t about Lieberman’s support of the war, but of something much more ominous:  Joe’s very liberal, but also very independent, having been abandoned by the Connecticut Democratic Party and getting reelected anyway.  What if he decided that because of Reid’s politicking on the war and his old party’s attempts to defund the troops, Joe ubruptly starts caucusing with the Republicans?

Suddenly, there’d be 49 Dems and 1 Socialist on one side and 49 Republicans with Joe on the other. 

Here’s another way tot look at the math: 50 + Dick Cheney = Republican control of the Senate!

I think that Joe needs to man-up on this one and take the plunge.  He’d still have five years to rehabilitate any damage to his image before the next election in a blue state where he doesn’t even need the Democratic Party behind him to win.  Even the threat might send a message to the Dems to replace Reid as their leader.  Yet, the Dems haven’t been very good at understanding messages over the last six months.  I know this is just buzz, but the thought would be neat!

2 Responses to “Joe Buzz”

  1. madmouser said

    That is pure genius. You should email Joe and encourage him. I think I will, just for the heck of it. If enough of us did, he may be more inclined.

  2. Chris said

    I would be supportive of a Lieberman flip to the good side, especially after the irresponsible actions of Harry “The Body” Reid…they do not deserve to be in control. Plus, Lieberman already has an impecible character and his flip would further cement this.

    I am sure that you will see a media uproar, if he does flip, that will mask the coverage of “Little Neddy, the Cable Guy.” It will also show Americans the extreme double standard of the media. If you remember back in 2001, Jim Jeffords’s abandonment of the Republican Party was covered as a ‘brave move’ and not at all questioned by the media…they just simply let him serve out his term…and now that he’s gone, we have a Socialist in the Senate. You would see similar uproar when Phil Gramm left the Democrats…the media would call for a special election claiming the people are not truly represented, they would call for him to give back campaign funds to Democrats (something they didn’t do for Jumpin’ Jim) and they would go on fishing expeditions to slam his character and reputation.

    Despite this challenges, I welcome a Lieberman flip, along with another opportunity to make the liberal media look like hypocrites.

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