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Newt Triangulation

Posted by Sal on April 25, 2007

The Non-candidate candidate Newt Gingrich is attempting to establish his 2008 campaign platform by taking traditional conservative issues and expanding or refining them, coming up with new approaches to traditional conservative issues.  He is also attempting triangulation at traditional liberal issues such as health care, and attempting to proactively push more conservative solutions to these so-called “Democrat issues”.  Whether he succeeds or not is still up in the air.  His ideas are certainly more conservative than the ideas of the left, but sometimes he concedes ground in order to win the issue.  For example, Newt’s views on environmentalism are much more common-sense than the Democrats.  He believes in using the free market to push a “Green Conservatism“, but he accepts the premise that carbon, which is produced by all animals,  is harmful to the atmosphere.  Politically, it may make sense because Newt is positioning himself as a problem-solver, trying to rise above traditional politics and separate from the “Liberal Machine” and “Stand-Pat Republicans”.  Newt is trying to position himself as the new Reagan, a conservative politician with fresh ideas and  ready to build a coalition of Conservative Republicans, Democrats, and independents.  That, and his decision not to announce a run until the fall at the earliest, is unconventional to say the least.  Whether his approach will gain any traction is an open question, but it is interesting to watch in any case. 

2 Responses to “Newt Triangulation”

  1. Ryan said

    I feel that Newt is something unique in contemporary politics– he’s a thinker. He’s looking at problems like the environment and health care without regard to the conventional “in the box” kind of thinking. This makes him fresh, like Salinger implies, and forward-looking. It’s just this kind of politician that American needs to solve big problems– fresh ideas and a basic understanding of the concept that the people must be brought along with a policy initiaive if it is to have legs and maintain consistent support.

  2. Noonan said

    I like Newt’s approach to Medicare and Social Security. At the very least, he’d make for an excellent contrast to any Dem candidate. He makes a compelling case tailored to key demographics.

    The only thing he seems to leave out is how Social Security is particularly adverse and disproportionately collected from the middle class and poor. The Dems should have to explain themselves to those they purport to be looking out for when imposing this increasingly oppressive tax upon them. Might not have been a bad idea to plug this particularly now, it being so close to the tax deadline. People can calculate how much they stand to gain through social security reform and medicare reform. Give the voters an average number of how much they save – “$3000 a year now and on average $12000 by the time you retire” or whatever the numbers may be.

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