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GOP Wins First Democrat Debate

Posted by Mike on April 26, 2007

Earlier tonight, eight Democrats participated in a debate hosted by their party’s media wing, MSDNC. From a conservative perspective, it was surprisingly entertaining.

Although there were plenty of losers both on camera and off, the big loser tonight was the network itself. I have yet to see a breakdown of how much time each candidate had to speak, but it wasn’t even close to equal. What exactly was the point of inviting the two loons on the right side of the screen (Kucinich and Gravel) if they weren’t going to have an equal opportunity to make their case?

Although each of the three frontrunners had their embarrassing moments, it was She Who Must Not Be Named who tanked this round when she delivered the money quote that will launch 1,000 attack ads:

Well, I don’t have enough time to tell you all the mistakes I’ve made in the last many years.

Truer words have never flown out of her mouth.

Although SWMNBN gave the worst performance, Edwards and Obama also had their moments. The lowlight of Edwards’ night came when he was asked to name one moral leader who has influenced his life. Morality being a foreign concept to the left, several seconds of awkward silence followed before Silky Pony regained his composure and fumbled through his answer. The question about his $400 haircuts was also quite amusing.

Barack Obama’s misstep was probably the least damaging of the night. When questioned on his previous statements that all options were on the table vis-a-vis, Iran, the empty suit stood firm, explaining that although Ahmadinejad did not yet possess nuclear weapons, he was committed to acquiring them. That is a reasonable position which would be pretty easy to defend in a general election. However, in a Democrat primary, leaving open the possibility for a military option against a Holocaust-denying maniac committed to acquiring nuclear weapons might not go over too well. Time will tell how this plays out.

In the event Obama wins the nomination, I would expect the eventual Republican nominee to ask Obama to explain why a preemptive war against Iran is acceptable when a Democrat is President but a preemptive war against Iraq is not acceptable when a Republican is President. This question will only be asked if the new tone is scrapped though. Let’s hope.

In addition to the Republican party, the big winner of tonight’s circus was probably former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. An angry kook liberal straight out of 1972, Gravel was the most entertaining candidate because he courageously used his limited amount of time to admit what modern liberals really believe. That’s not exactly a winning strategy for 2008 but at least it was honest.

Gravel’s honesty produced several other hilarious moments. First, he called out MSNBC for treating him like a potted plant. Second, he drew attention to Joe Biden’s arrogant side. Finally, he had his own Zell Miller moment with Chrissy in his post-debate interview. I think the liberals in the Democrat party should back this guy. Deep down they think he’s right. He isn’t, but they don’t know that.

And finally, no Democrat gathering would be complete without the unintentional comedy of little Dennis Kucinich. Undeterred by his opponents’ unanimous rejection of his impeach Cheney proposal, Kucinich pulled out a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution, red cover and all, in an attempt to change their minds. It looked like he was waving a little red book. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!

Tonight was merely the opening act in this political version of Eight is Enough and the Dems did themselves no favors. If they really wanted to be taken seriously, they would pay attention to the words of Twisted Sister: “If that’s your best, your best won’t do!”

UPDATE: Gravel vs. Chrissy


Click here for a partial transcript of tonight’s debate

Click here for liberal reaction to tonight’s debate

MSNBC screencap via Free Republic

One Response to “GOP Wins First Democrat Debate”

  1. Ryan said

    Although I only caught the last hour, I have to agree that Mike Gravel was the best entertainment of the evening! He was a character! Obnoxious, cagey, completely out of 1972 like Mike says, and true Left. I clapped at the potted plant line and it seemed obvious that MSDNC was trying to hide both he and Kucinich. The Constitution as “The Little Red Book” was a classic too!

    Another take on the winner last night could be Algore. Everyone looked crazy, arrogant, or was SWMNBN. Algore could squeeze in after these candidates have beaten each other up and fill the liberal void, after it’s become clear that NONE of this crew is going to be their new Messiah. Let’s wait and see.

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