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Naive Obama

Posted by Sal on April 26, 2007

Barack Obama showed how naive he could be when it comes to foreign policy.  Commenting on the Democrat’s passage of a bill to withdraw troops from Iraq, Obama said:

We are one signature away from ending the Iraq War. President Bush must listen to the will of the American people and sign this bill so that our troops can come home.  I opposed this war from the start. I said then that it would distract us from pursuing those who attacked us and would entangle us in an occupation of undetermined length, cost and consequences. This war has no military solution, and the Iraqi people need to take responsibility for their own future. That’s why I believe that my plan for a phased withdrawal with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31st, 2008 is still the best way to pressure the warring factions to reach a political settlement necessary to end this war. This similar plan responsibly redeploys our troops from Iraq while protecting our interests in the wider Middle East. It ensures that we are as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in.  All of us have been touched by the heroic sacrifices troops have made in service to our country. With the stroke of a pen, President Bush can bring them home to the families who love them and to a country ready to honor them for their service.

I think Mrs. Sal summed it up the best when she emailed this story to me: 

Yup.  Once we leave Iraq everything will be all sunshine and roses over there.  I’ll say it again… what an idiot…

I agree wholeheartedly. Is this the person that we want for our Commander-in-Chief?

One Response to “Naive Obama”

  1. Ryan said

    Well, in the words of Lindsay Graham: if we lose, then who just won?

    Are the Dems happy about the fact that they WANT us to lose to the insurgents, al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria, and the general radical islamic movement? Yes. It’s in their political best interest to ruin the war effort and hurt the troops in the meantime. Remember they think war is the articulation of American power which they view as something that causes evil in our world. So the troops are unfortunately part of the problem. Hence, they seem to have no moral issue hurting the troops to make a political point and grandstand on an issue like the timetable that is not even in their Constitutional power to affect.

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