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The Dems Debate

Posted by Ryan on April 26, 2007

In just a few moments eight Democrats are going to spew more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than all the SUVs in Dayton!  NBC’s running the debate so no one’s going to watch it.  But, if you’re a political junkie and want a good laugh, you can see:

  • Barry O’Bama looking pur-ty and articulating well
  • She Who Must Not Be Named faking it (that’s a full time job for her)
  • John “Pert-Girl” Edwards swooning us with his grip firmly around our heartstrings
  • Eugene V. Debs… sorry, I mean Dennis Kucinich
  • Joe Biden, Esq.
  • Chris Dodd being mean while trying to look tough
  • Bill Richardson, the most palpable of the group going left
  • And everybody’s favorite also-ran, Mike Gravel

One Response to “The Dems Debate”

  1. Chris said

    I didn’t get to see it tonight (I didn’t want my good mood spoiled) but let’s just say that the transportation they used to get there wasn’t exactly the under the enviro-friendly conditions they want the masses to live under. Can we say double standard?

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