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War on Speech — Battleground, Rhode Island

Posted by Sal on April 26, 2007

I pointed out last week that a war on free speech was underway after the Imus firing.  It appears that the Ocean State, the state of origin of all three members of the Axis of Right, has become a primary battleground in this war.  The following three stories should be proof enough. 

  •  WJAR Channel 10 yesterday called for Rush Limbaugh’s firing over a parody that he runs, “Barack the magic Negro”, for being racist.  The parody, however, is rather brilliant.  The phrase came from an LA Times story written by an African-American LA times reporter, in which the reporter said that Barack Obama was the “magic negro” who could appeal to white voters but had never really undergone the black experience.  Rush’s parody itself points this fact out, that it came from an LA times story, and uses an Al Sharpton parody to deliver.  The Drive-by media, however, (in this case WJAR-10) does not tell you any of this background, only the title of the parody and then calls for Limbaugh’s firing. 
  • At URI, the student senate nearly voted to de-recognize the College Republicans because of a parody ad that they ran advertising a “white, heterosexual  American males”, and they refused to apologize.  Luckily, the measure did not go through, and the URI College Republicans remain a University-recognized groups.  The response of the URI College Republicans?  The same day their organization was up for the vote, they organized the first-annual URI Global Cooling Day
  • Less lucky and more troubling is the firing of two Roger Williams University students, Dana Peloso and Jon Porter, from WQRI, Roger Williams University’s college radio station.  The hosts repeated the phrase “nappy-headed hos” multiple times.  The phrase, which was the phrase that got Imus fired, was used solely in describing the Imus situation.   

Apparently, free speech is OK only when it’s liberal free speech and it doesn’t offend anyone. 

2 Responses to “War on Speech — Battleground, Rhode Island”

  1. Noonan said

    While in all 3 cases the media and the left only sees what it wants to see and hear, there is an actual strong legal case for the URI CR’s. That’s a public university and viewpoint discrimination – a 1st Amendment violation even if the left were right in their assumption that there is no satire. While the left loves viewpoint discrimination when used in their favor, they’re not actually allowed to do it through a branch of government.

  2. Ryan said

    1. Rush’s parady = awesome

    2. URI College Republicans rock

    3. We know about Roger Williams… are they still a recognized University?

    On NBC 10: I grew up in an NBC household back when we had only three stations. They were the easiest to handle. But since moving to NJ, I can’t stand watching them for three seconds when I visit family in RI! They’re so self-absorbed with a self-appointed sense of supreme self-importance. In short, they think they’re better than they are, and on some occasions, better than you are. NBC-10 tries to make RI seem like an ethnically diverse place with real culture. Anyone who’s lived outside of RI knows RI’s not diverse at all compared to, well, anywhere else in the Northeast. So, NBC-10 can say all they want about Rush, 630am WPRO is never going to drop him, and more people listen to Rush than Brian Williams, Patrice Wood, Gene Valacenti or Mario Hilario (yes that’s his real name!) any day of the week. It’s like Castro insulting America– he can nip all he wants, he’s just background noise.

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