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Merkel Tips Her Hand

Posted by Mike on April 27, 2007

Most people thought the European Constitution was dead. Back in 2005, many across the continent were uneasy about surrendering more of their national sovereignty to a bureaucratic nightmare that even refused to mention the role of Christianity in European history. Some nations flat out rejected the proposal via referendum. Heck, even the French couldn’t stomach the idea.

This opposition notwithstanding, Angela Merkel has plans to resurrect the proposal. Has Europe really changed its mind though? Not exactly, but Angela Merkel thinks she can sell it. The details can be found in a recently leaked letter written by Merkel herself.

It is a letter from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to her fellow EU heads of government. In it, she proposes a scheme to bring back the European Constitution under a new name – or, as she artlessly puts it, “to use different terminology without changing the legal substance”.

Now this, in itself, is not surprising. Many of us have suspected all along that the Eurocrats would try to bring back their constitution surreptitiously: I have written as much in these pages. What is shocking is the brazenness. Mrs Merkel flagrantly admits that she wants to preserve intact the content of the constitution, making only “the necessary presentational changes”.

So basically, Merkel is going to try to put lace on a bowling ball even though she effectively told everyone what she’s really up to. Something tells me it isn’t going to work.

H/T: Conservative Home

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