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“Shore to Please” or “Shore of Skeeze”?

Posted by Ryan on April 28, 2007

One story that seems to pop up every year is how nasty New Jersey’s shoreline is.  Not just the air and the bad drivers (apparently the critics of NJ drivers never drove through Rhode Island before!), not just the obnoxious amounts of makeup and “that can’t be for real” accents, but the tons of trash that keep washing up on the New Jersey Shore every year.  Last year it totalled roughly 40 tons shorewide! 

In defense of the New Jersey Shore, it’s huge and not every beach is a sewer dump!  There are some nasty places where I’d be afraid to have my wallet or car keys in plain view, or come within fifteen feet of the water.  However, most of it is nice, clean and fun with the boardwalks and a truly summertime atmosphere.  I’ve gone “down the shore” (as the locals call it) a number of times and the water is like any other Northeastern beachside– kind of a dark, lots of seaweed depending on the tide, and full of rip currents if you go out too far.  I’m glad they got this story out early this year, a few months before beach season, so that the thought of the true nastiness of the murk will have faded in the minds of those of us who might actually go in.

Pic from NJ Scuba Diver.

UPDATE:  So, how Jersey are you?  I bet you’re a little curious! 

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Thank You Miami

Posted by Mike on April 28, 2007

On behalf of all Jets and Patriots fans associated with Axis of Right, I sincerely thank the Miami Dolphins for their decision to take a pass on Brady Quinn.

UPDATE:  Quinn winds up where he always wanted to go.  Congratulations Cleveland.

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