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Blabbering Biden

Posted by Mike on April 29, 2007

There are many reasons why Joe Biden is a long shot to win the Democrat nomination in 2008. Most of those reasons stem from two flaws that have dogged Biden throughout his career. First, he is infatuated with the sound of his own voice. Second, he grossly overestimates his own intelligence. Combine these two traits and you have one of the most acute cases of diarrhea of the mouth the world has ever seen. Although Biden’s ramblings are a turn off to most normal Americans, they will be especially problematic in his party’s primary, but for a different reason.

The absence of an off switch is not a good thing when you are a liberal Democrat Presidential candidate who had access to the various intelligence reports prior to the Iraq War. The chances for accidentally telling the truth are simply too high. Unfortunately for Biden, he spoke a little too much on today’s episode of Meet the Press. Jim Geraghty at National Review’s The She Who Must Not Be Named Spot summarizes Biden’s blunder:

Then he went into a lengthy description of all the evidence suggesting that Saddam had material that “could be weaponized” to justify his war vote. I strongly suspect Vice President Cheney was applauding during this section, as it dismantles the “Bush lied, people died,” argument. At one point Biden said, (paraphrasing) “this was catalogued by the United Nations, this wasn’t some Cheney pipe dream.”

Oops. Biden accidentally told the truth and got testy with one of the liberals’ favorite reporters in the process. That won’t sell with the base.

The video of Biden’s appearance, which confirms Geraghty’s account, can be found on the MSDNC website.

AP Photo.


3 Responses to “Blabbering Biden”

  1. Chris said

    Let us not forget that he is also a plagarist. And when his verbal diarrhea occurs, we hear whoppers like this .

    He will gain the Democrat nomination in 2008 when I can drive through his home state at 3PM without getting caught in a massive traffic jam at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge or when they take off the $9 worth in tolls (round trip) one pays on the 15 MILES of Delaware Interstate on the way to and from DC. (read through my sarcasm: it will never happen…all three things, actually.)

  2. Noonan said

    At least he hasn’t made any racist statements for a few months. But if he wants to make the GOP case for Iraq, hand him a microphone.

  3. Ryan said

    He also took a dig at homosexuals during the Alito hearings.

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