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Randy Moss in New England

Posted by Ryan on April 30, 2007

The addition of Randy Moss to the Patriots’ roster and Cleveland’s awesome draft weekend dominated the water cooler chat today.  The big question:  will Moss help or hurt the Pats?  I think he’ll be a great addition, and so do some from Fox Sports News.  Moss isn’t the key, Belichick is!  Belichick can make the magic work for nearly anyone.  Remember, Corey Dillon was a punk at Cincinnati and turned into a man caught on film saying “Sir” in a very intimidated voice everytime he addressed his new boss, Bill Belichick.  Moss’ll fit in or he’ll sit down.  It’s not like the Pats couldn’t do it without him.  But it sure would be cool if he did work out– Belichick still has two more fingers without Patriot rings on his hand!

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Dear Fred: Save the Party!

Posted by Ryan on April 30, 2007

Fred Thompson was favorably reviewed by Mike Deaver, a Reagan standard-bearer from the good ol’ days, according to the UK Telegraph this weekend.  Like many on this site, I’ve been more interested in Thompson as a conservative alternative to the Rudy-McCain-Romney pickle conservatives have found themselves in lately.  The base really needs a new substantive cheerleader, especially since William F. Buckley is sounding the Republican death knell in his latest National Review Online article.  The article, which I think is out of sync with national trends, says that the Republicans are in quite a jam with Bush being so steadfast on winning the war, even though it’s politically damaging to do so.  If I’m not mistaken, shortly after the 2004 Election, the Democrats were a party about to go the way of the Whigs.  So, these short-term anomalies come and go.  Despite these anomalies, Buckley does have a point:  the Republicans need a leader who’ll actually lead, articulate a mission and a message, and make the base feel comfortable supporting him.  Perhaps what the base needs is Fred.

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The Skeleton in Fred Thompson’s Closet

Posted by Mike on April 30, 2007

They look a little less pathetic by default after last week’s circus, but the Republican field for 2008 is nothing to brag about. Rudy Giuliani, the presmptive frontrunner, is a pro-choice social liberal from New York City. John McCain, the candidate with the best organization, has a habit of playing Steve Urkel to the MSM’s Laura Winslow. Mitt Romney, the candidate doing the best job of articulating a conservative vision for America, was not doing so as little as four years ago. With each viable candidate waving a red flag, it’s no wonder Republican voters have been looking for someone else.

Sensing this frustration, Fred Thompson sent up a trial balloon a few months ago to great fanfare. Thompson is an unapologetic conservative with camera presence and has the gravitas that no Democrat can come close to matching. However, no candidate is perfect and Thompson’s skeleton was revealed a couple of weeks ago.

In a 1994 debate, Fred Thompson answered a question about abortion which could reasonably be interpreted as pro-choice. However, many Thompson supporters describe Thompson’s answer as supporting a federalist system under which the issue of abortion does not belong in the courts, effectively a pro-life position. Although the former interpretation is reasonable, I tend to think the latter interpretation is correct.

I say that because Thompson has a solidly pro-life voting record. According to the National Right to Life Committee, the only black mark on Thomspson’s pro life record was his support for “campaign finance reform.” Although his 1994 statement should be addressed and is cause for concern, Thompson governed as a pro-life Senator for eight years. Eight years of supporting the unborn is stronger evidence than an awkwardly-worded eight second answer from twelve years ago.

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