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Dear Fred: Save the Party!

Posted by Ryan on April 30, 2007

Fred Thompson was favorably reviewed by Mike Deaver, a Reagan standard-bearer from the good ol’ days, according to the UK Telegraph this weekend.  Like many on this site, I’ve been more interested in Thompson as a conservative alternative to the Rudy-McCain-Romney pickle conservatives have found themselves in lately.  The base really needs a new substantive cheerleader, especially since William F. Buckley is sounding the Republican death knell in his latest National Review Online article.  The article, which I think is out of sync with national trends, says that the Republicans are in quite a jam with Bush being so steadfast on winning the war, even though it’s politically damaging to do so.  If I’m not mistaken, shortly after the 2004 Election, the Democrats were a party about to go the way of the Whigs.  So, these short-term anomalies come and go.  Despite these anomalies, Buckley does have a point:  the Republicans need a leader who’ll actually lead, articulate a mission and a message, and make the base feel comfortable supporting him.  Perhaps what the base needs is Fred.

Links via Drudge.  Picture from the Washington Post.

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