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The Veto

Posted by Ryan on May 1, 2007

Bush vetoed Democratic defeat in Iraq tonight and gave a speech explaining the deal to the American people.  Shrewdly using the anniversary of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech, the Dems (or “Defeatocrats” to some) wasted five days of valuable troop readiness unnecessarily in the pettiest of ways.  It’s not a “blank check,” San Fran Nan, it’s called separation of powers.  Maybe she should read the Constitution before saying what she thinks it might mean! 

I thought Bush’s speech hit the nail on the head and was not ambiguous on the deal.  Again, my consistent problem with Bush is that he never gives these speeches regularly to the American people and thereby shape the debate in his own language.  How many vetoes is this?  Two or three I think.  Stem cells, …, and this. 


2 Responses to “The Veto”

  1. Chris said

    Bush still tries to deal with Congress the same way he dealt with the Texas Legislature. Instead of vetoing, he tries to “work with the Democrats” and out of that, you get watered-down lite legislation that in many cases, frankly, is awful. As we have seen, it doesn’t work. Bush’s biggest mistake in his administration was his ‘new tone’ garbage. No matter how influential, a president has to climb a mighty big mountain to change the culture of Congress and in most cases, is unsuccessful. At times, Congress must be dealt with sternly and harshly, and beside “Going Public,” the veto power is necessary. While the president must take into concern the power of Congress to override (e.g. Ford vetoes were overidden 12 times) and the ramifications to go along with a veto override, it must not be forgotten and Bush has definitely let that power get away from him.

    As Ryan had stated previously, the New Tone has also impeded Bush’s ability to Go Public and at times, has given the Democrats the upper hand in PR and the controlling of events. That is one of the biggest undelcared powers of the president and it is sad that Bush has not used the bully pulpit to his advantage.

  2. Ryan said

    It’s the mere notion that there’s no way this veto can be overridden that says plenty about the Dems attempt to force this issue. They did not campaign on ending the war in such a fashion. They campaigned on everything else, and when the war did come up their point was always about a change in strategy– Bush did that with the surge and hiring Petraeus to see it through. So all this blathering about “the people spoke and elected us to do this” is just swill! Plus if the public was so decisive about failure, the Democrats wouldn’t have such slim majorities.

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