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CNN Agrees with Bush, Knocks Reagan

Posted by Ryan on May 2, 2007

Off a tip from a friend a few minutes ago, I caught this CNN article saying, of all things, that a premature exit from Iraq would spell horrors and doom in an area of the world that also has the most oil on the market.   You know, things that the President has been saying for years now.  It’s not saying anything new about Iraq as far as we at Axis of Right are concerned, but they make a point the MSM has tried to avoid about the importance of patience and sticking it out when times have gotten tough.  Somehow, I have to assume there’s an ulterior motive here, even if I can’t quite see it yet.

On the other hand, maybe CNN has to be “balanced” on dealing with the Right tonight by knocking President Reagan as “uncomplicated” and “amiable” from his recently released diaries.  Here they go again with that whole “amiable dunce” view of our 40th President.  However, the link on the CNN homepage reads: “Reagan Diary Gives New Take on Insanity.”  Insanity??? So, as an interested party, I looked to see what this had to do with Reagan’s alleged insanity.  You guessed it–Absolutely nothing!  In fact, this egregious “insanity” line linked to the story above, entitled, “Reagan’s Wit, Humor Comes Through in Detailed Diaries,” which had nothing to do with the sanity of our last great President, just trouble with some of his kids.  Does CNN even know how transparent they are?


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