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Environmental Religion

Posted by Sal on May 2, 2007

Environnmentalism has often been characterized as a secular religion, originally posited by Rush Limbaugh and repeated by many prominent people, including a head-of-state, President Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.  Now, yet another example of the Environmental Religion comes to the forefront.  It now appears that the writings of the chief prophet of the United Church of Environmentalism are now being placed in a hotel in place of the Gideon bible, long a staple in American hotel rooms.  Gaia Nappa Valley Hotel and Spa will find an edition of the prophet’s writings, “An Inconvenient Truth.” 

Link via Drudge


One Response to “Environmental Religion”

  1. Noonan said

    If environmentalism is a religion, it has a very dark side. The pseudo-science flights of fancy have real adverse affects that cannot be ignored.

    Drudge has a bit today on China bragging about reducing carbon emissions by 500 million tons and linking their success to their “one child” policy. A few days ago, I saw this article on the human side of how China puts their one child policy into effect – 61 women dragged from their homes had abortions forcibly performed upon them,(over a 2 day period in one province, as evidenced by eyewitness accounts) ripping their babies from their wombs without their consent. Interesting that Pro-Choicers don’t seem to find the need to stick up for these women’s choice to not have abortions forcibly performed on them. All to reduce their province’s birth rate by the needed 0.1% to meet population goals. I wonder if the far left in the West would ever go so far.

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