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Veto Upheld!

Posted by Ryan on May 2, 2007

As expected the “cut-and-run” Congress may have a majority of wimps, but not a supermajority.  With a vote of 222-203, the President’s veto stands 62 votes short of declaring defeat in Iraq.  Seven Democrats joined the Republicans (probably Blue-Dogs), while two Republicans bolted toward media harlotry and appeasement (hopefully with primary defeats in their future). 

Though the veto was upheld, it just illustrates that 62 votes could mean the difference between letting the surge work and regional and political stability (a strategic “win” for us) versus running prematurely, emboldening al Qaeda, inciting an obvious mass slaughter of Sunnis, increasing the geographic and political influence of Iran, and disgracing the memories of 3300+ soldiers who died defending their country’s interests from totalitarian zealots.  Maybe now the Dems will stop driving towards a military abyss and settle for a reasonable, constitutionally sound compromise.

Pic from Comcast.


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