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Bush Likely to Veto Hate Crimes Legislation

Posted by Mike on May 3, 2007

Once again, the Bush administration Bush is threatening to use its veto power. This time the target is hate crimes legislation. Assuming the administration follows through, kudos to President Bush! The idea that a crime motivated by hate should be punished more severely than the same crime motivated by “something else” is absurd.

The first problem with hate crimes legislation codifies the warped idea that some victims are more worthy of protection than others. Hate crimes legislation supporters do not seem to realize that every crime victim’s life is equally valuable and worthy of the same protection.  The concept of human dignity tells us this true. Moreover, the U.S. Constitution requires this to be true. Hate crimes legislation is more than constitutionally suspect, providing one crime victim less protection than a victim of the same crime is a clear violation of the Equal Protection Clause.

The second problem with hate crimes legislation is that it incorrectly addresses the issue of crime. What violent crime is not motivated by hate? The decision to take the life of another human being or simply using violence on another human being is hateful, regardless of motivation. How many criminals can honestly claim that beating someone to a pulp with a baseball bat is an act of love? Crime is hateful regardless of the victim’s skin color or the aggressor’s motivation.

The third and arguably the most disturbing problem with this legislation is the fact that it punishes thought. Many thoughts are disgusting, including racism. However, unacted-upon thoughts are merely thoughts, nothing more. Punishment is only appropriate when those thoughts are acted upon in an illegal manner, and only the illegal act should be punished. People should be free to think whatever thoughts they choose, so long as their actions remain within the bounds of law. When thought leads to action, the action should be punished, not the thought.

The President is right to threaten a veto and he seems to be enjoying this power. If only he discovered it earlier.

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2 Responses to “Bush Likely to Veto Hate Crimes Legislation”

  1. Chris said

    The NAALCP is going to have a field day with that one! Despite the predicted racist accusations by them, other similar groups, and the liberal media, Bush is doing the right thing in vetoing this irresponsible legislation. Good points all around, but to further put it into perspective…As you were saying, thought would be punished if this legislation is put into law…what’s to stop the libs for making certain thoughts NOT followed up by a criminal act and/or before a crimial act is committed, illegal? Scary situation, especially with a Democrat Congress/president running the country.

  2. Lion said

    The problem with hate crime law is that “christian” haters will have less power to verbally and physicaly abuse gay people. If any of you are normal Christians, just stop, wake up, and think about it? what are they against— the right to hate and to kill? Yea! scary indeed! I think those people who think they are christians while opening hate other humans should change their name to neofascit-satanists, at least it would fit so much better and stop hiding under Christ’s name! I am sick and tired of brainless arguments both from Bible and elsewhere, pretending to know anything when really NONE of their arguments really make any truth or sense

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