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Follow Arnold? I Don’t Think So.

Posted by Mike on May 3, 2007

A few minutes ago, I turned on the television and switched over to the little network covering tonight’s GOP debate. Less than sixty seconds into watching this crap, I heard a post-worthy comment. One of the liberals providing “objective” coverage cited Arnold Schwarzenegger as both an example and a lesson for the candidates on stage. What a bunch of poppycock.

Arnold would be a great example for a GOP Presidential candidate only if the Republican primary was open only to liberal Democrats and if only California voted in the general election. MSDNC has enough trouble accurately reporting what happened five minutes ago so I know history isn’t exactly their forte, but they should at least try. Republican candidates who run as centrists lose (Ford, Bush the Elder in ’92, Dole), Republicans who run as conservatives win (Nixon, Reagan, Bush the Elder in ’88, Bush the Younger).

Arnold is not the example. The man in whose honor the facility was named would be a better choice.


One Response to “Follow Arnold? I Don’t Think So.”

  1. Ryan said

    I guarantee we’ll see 40 times more class and gravitas on stage tonight than in last week’s gaggle.

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