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A “Chimp” off the Old Block

Posted by Ryan on May 4, 2007

Activists in Austria and Seattle want a chimpanzee, Hiasl, to be given legal recognition as a person.  The logic here is that the zoo he was living in is about to lose the money to support him, and since humans are the only beings that can receive personal donations in Austria, the animal rights activists want him reclassified as one of us.

I can see that they love this chimp and want his future to be more secure, but there is an obviously huge slippery slope that can result from such a precedent, especially in Europe and the Left Coast.  I do believe that chimps and humans probably had a common ancestor millions of year ago, but this issue is something different. 

Our animal rights friends not only use science (like many) to push that humans descended from chimp-like great apes, but are now trying to push science to say that humans and chimps are actually morally equal, like they were people too.  Hmm…  No, they’re chimps.  They throw poop at each other, they fight to the death and eat their defeated enemies, they have more promiscuous sex than most people in Hollywood on a Saturday night during sweeps!

Picture from Ape City.


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