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The “Optimism” of Segolene Royal

Posted by Mike on May 4, 2007

So Segolene Royal is telling the French people that violence is likely to erupt if they elect Sarko.  I’m a little confused. Is that a threat or a promise? Or maybe it’s a reasonable prediction based on how leftists typically behave when they lose? Hmmm.

How do you say “desperate” in French?

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2 Responses to “The “Optimism” of Segolene Royal”

  1. Ryan said

    I just watched a clip of the debate and it is very evident why Sarko’s winning in the current polls and why he’ll pull ahead. While trying to look empassioned Royal looked unhinged and Sarko took complete advantage of that. His obscured smile, for a moment, showed his pleasure with Royal’s rant. It seemed too easy. Socialism just doesn’t work, and that can frustrate those who still believe it can. Even France may start to slowly understand that if Sarko rides the wave to victory.

    On your point about the violence, though, it does seem that leftists only love democracy when they are slated to win. Gore, Kerry, Alba”gore”, and soon to be Royal are all in the same boat of leftists who would not accept their defeat until they absolutely have to. Their post-election grandstanding seems less of a respect for those that voted for them, and more a megalomaniacal attempt at a populist power grab that in less stable societies might lead to actual political violence.

  2. Noonan said

    And they say conservatives play the politics of fear.

    Socialists have got to have a lot of nerve to warn of violence from the right. Just reviewing recent history of socialist and other far left regimes reveals the most violents totalitarian regimes in all history – the Nazis, the Communists in Russia, the current communist regime in China, the increasingly anti-democratic socialists in Venezuela, etc.

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