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Newsweek’s Drive-by Hit-Polls

Posted by Ryan on May 5, 2007

In their latest hit-poll, Newsweek has decided to tie Bush to all the Republicans, while also deciding to tie those poor numbers to the entire field of candidates running for 2008.  So, not surprisingly, Bush is down to 28% approval and all the major Dems are beating all the major Republicans as of right now in their latest slew of hit-polls.  Just for kicks, I went to find the Real Clear Politics average, which happens to show 36 approval and 59 disapproval of Dubya from April 17 to May 2.  Bush has been consistently in the 30s since early 2006, so RCP’s numbers indicate consistency and a cross-media average.

However, Newsweek is an agent of the Left and has never been a fan of Bush or his policies, and revels in these new numbers–Bush’s lowest ever!  Remember it was they who ran with the whole urine on the Koran at Club Gitmo nonsense that they later retracted.  I wonder if they can retract the death of nine people in those Afghan riots which resulted from their poor journalism?  Anyway, this poll is supposed to be a lift to the Dems and a knock on Republicans in general.  It seems like just another attempt to get these poor numbers in the news all week long.  Also, Newsweek online piggy-backs on MSDNC.  So maybe you can believe my shock when Chrissy Matthews did not ask this question last Thusday: “So Governor Romney, why do Republicans suck so much?”  This poll essentially attempts to ask just that in an indirect way.


One Response to “Newsweek’s Drive-by Hit-Polls”

  1. Mike said

    I said it when Bush was riding high and I’ll say it now. Polls by Newsweek, AP, NBC, CBS and Zogby are simply garbage. They oversample Democrats, ask loaded questions, and do not filter out non-likely voters. Heck, sometimes they don’t even filter out non-voters.

    The most accurate polls are Rasmussen at the national level and Mason-Dixon at the state level (surprisingly enough, MD is affiliated with MSDNC, perhaps the latter doesn’t have much creative control but I digress). Gallup is probably next best.

    The purpose of the crap polls is not to report a snapshot of public opinion, but to affect public opinion. The right did an excellent job of exposing the garbage polls in 2004. That probably played a role in those polling outfits having egg on their faces the day after the election.

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