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“Little People” Having Little People

Posted by Ryan on May 6, 2007

This post is most decidedly part of the “Anything Else” motif.  I came across a tabloid video of a pregnant midget (they like to be called “little people”) going through the last few weeks of her pregnancy.  What’s neat is that though she is only 2’9″, her boyfriend is a rather tall 6’4″!  The video’s quite interesting and worth watching if you ever wondered about this stuff.  It’s amazing what medical science can do nowadays!  Though, I find it odd how far science and couples will go to actually have children and appreciate life on one hand, while so many still support abortion as a form of birth control on the other.  When you see a story like this the message is clear: life matters, even to the smallest of us.

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Oui! Oui! Sarkozy!

Posted by Ryan on May 6, 2007

Earlier today, pro-US Nick Sarkozy has defeated Socialist babe Segolene Royal 53-47% France’s hotly contested Presidential election.  With 86% voter turnout, no one can say this is not a mandate for Sarko.  Sarko’s message to America: “You can count on France as a friend.”  Sweet. 

In a class move (I wish we’d see more of here in the US), Royal conceded the election already and has not yet demanded that specific areas be recounteduntil the popular vote numbers make her the winner.  Nor has she been involved directly with violence in the streets.  Her coup plans have been temporarily put on hold while she waits and sees about Sarko’s plunge into reengagement with France’s long-time friend, the US.  If market capitalism returns to France with predictable success and McDonald’s redesigns the Eiffel Tower into the Golden Arches, then all bets are off!

Pic from Foreign

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