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“Little People” Having Little People

Posted by Ryan on May 6, 2007

This post is most decidedly part of the “Anything Else” motif.  I came across a tabloid video of a pregnant midget (they like to be called “little people”) going through the last few weeks of her pregnancy.  What’s neat is that though she is only 2’9″, her boyfriend is a rather tall 6’4″!  The video’s quite interesting and worth watching if you ever wondered about this stuff.  It’s amazing what medical science can do nowadays!  Though, I find it odd how far science and couples will go to actually have children and appreciate life on one hand, while so many still support abortion as a form of birth control on the other.  When you see a story like this the message is clear: life matters, even to the smallest of us.


2 Responses to ““Little People” Having Little People”

  1. Mike said

    Speaking of little people, let’s hope Charla and Mirna win the Amazing Race tonight. It’s unlikely though. All-Stars never win all star reality shows.

  2. Mike said


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