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Newsweek Tries History… and Loses!

Posted by Ryan on May 7, 2007

Are they even serious?  Is this supposed to be funny?  Somehow I think Evan Thomas is trying to be serious.  As you guessed Newsweek, at it again with impeccable journalistic inconsistencies, has declared about this slew of Presidential candidates that, “They all want to be Truman.” 

There’s one slight issue with that, though.   According to the Gallup poll archives, Truman was at a whopping 23% job approval rating roughly where Bush is right now in his presidency.  So, everybody wants to be Truman, standing up for principles, being tough on the difficult issues of the day, huh?  Why doesn’t Evan Thomas name his story, “Everyone wants to be Dubya,” because by his logic, Bush’s posture in office, while considered stubborn by some, could be interpreted in the future as true bravery in the face of difficult times and decisions.  Why not?  According to Newsweek’s own hack-polls, Dubya’s at 28%, five points higher than everyone’s “hero”!

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Royal Violence in France

Posted by Ryan on May 7, 2007

Here come the Lefties!  In response to their electoral loss yesterday, left-wing rioters ran into the streets upset at the fate of their heroine, Segolene Royal.  Royal warned that there’d be riots if Sarkozy won, and the unrest appeared.  (I’d investigate this obvious self-fulfilling prophesy, but that’s just me!)  Nearly 600 arrests and hundreds of cars were torched in sporatic violence in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseilles.  Twenty-eight police officers were injured.  No word yet on the number of protesters injured in the tear-gas laden police response.  Why can’t the socialists realize that their message lost, their candidate lost and their point of view lost, albeit by only six percentage points?  Regroup and try again for goodness sake!  This kind of petty nonsense only marginalizes one’s movement.  But, they’re socialists– there’s much they don’t understand!

Link via Drudge.  AP photo.

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Thompson underwhelming?

Posted by Sal on May 7, 2007

Many conservatives have been excited about the prospects of Law & Order star and former Sen. Fred Thompson running for the presidency.  His stance on the issues, his general familiarity with the American public, and his acting career reminding many of Ronald Reagan.  Additionally, the conservative dissatisfaction with the current crop of candidates has led many to be hoping for a Thompson candidacy. 

Last Friday Thompson gave a speech at the Lincoln club in Newport Beach, CA.  Bob Novak reports that Thompson underwhelmed with a speech that didn’t seem polished, was often not audible, and was very low-key.  The question is how indicative this speech was of Thompson’s ability to campaign. 

Conservatives want and need someone who can articulate the Conservative vision and sell it to the American people, someone who speaks well, inspires people, and goes after liberals (none of the “new tone” B.S.).  If Thompson is as this article states, then he is not the solution.  With that assumption, Mitt Romney appears to be our best hope.  He was articulate and forceful, both as Governor of MA and in last week’s debate.  His supposed new-found changes of heart are concerning, and need serious scrutiny, but as of now he is the best chance conservatives have. 

One question remaining is are there any other Thompsons out there?  Will Newt run, and if he does, will he make a difference and is he electable?  Are there any other candidates who may drop their name in the hopes of an upset?  Stay tuned….

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