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Royal Violence in France

Posted by Ryan on May 7, 2007

Here come the Lefties!  In response to their electoral loss yesterday, left-wing rioters ran into the streets upset at the fate of their heroine, Segolene Royal.  Royal warned that there’d be riots if Sarkozy won, and the unrest appeared.  (I’d investigate this obvious self-fulfilling prophesy, but that’s just me!)  Nearly 600 arrests and hundreds of cars were torched in sporatic violence in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and Marseilles.  Twenty-eight police officers were injured.  No word yet on the number of protesters injured in the tear-gas laden police response.  Why can’t the socialists realize that their message lost, their candidate lost and their point of view lost, albeit by only six percentage points?  Regroup and try again for goodness sake!  This kind of petty nonsense only marginalizes one’s movement.  But, they’re socialists– there’s much they don’t understand!

Link via Drudge.  AP photo.


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