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Rhode Island Sailors Missing!

Posted by Ryan on May 10, 2007

This just in from Virginia:  four sailors hailing from Rhode Island are still lost at sea this evening after possibly being hit by Tropical Depression/Storm Andrea, forming ominously off the Carolina coast this week.  Representative Patches and Jack Reed (a short Senator) have been haranguing the Coast Guard to step up efforts to find the Rhode Islanders from the 54-foot Flying Colours vessel, missing since their distress signal was first heard Monday.  The ship began its journey from St. Thomas and was trying to get to Annapolis, Maryland.  Apparently, this is a great time of year to embark on such a trek because of the improving weather and calm seas along that route.  All four sailors were between the ages of 22 and 34 and had plenty of maritime experience.  We wish the Coast Guard luck in finding these wayward sailors and their vessel.

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Putin’s Latest Tantrum

Posted by Ryan on May 10, 2007

Everyone’s favorite ex-KGB goon Vladimir Putin had a unique take on the USA and NATO at a speech commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the end of World War II on May 8:  America and NATO’s foreign policy is like that of the Third Reich!  Now he didn’t just come out and say that so bluntly, but in a nuanced way he inferred that the US and NATO are the new threat because of our “unipolar” worldview, while he pines over the good ol’ days of Cold War “balance!”  Forget the true threat of international Islamo-fascist terrorism!  At least Bush’s political opponents don’t end up poisoned or dead!  The speech ignored that the Soviet Union was wrong on the whole human-rights and economic reality thing for roughly 70 years.  Of course he would never say that, but knocking the West for being Nazi-like, while Stalin himself had an alliance with Hitler to seize parts of Poland, seems a little two-faced.  We’ve never had a totalitarian government here, Vlad.  Even FDR wouldn’t ally with Hitler (Joe Kennedy, on the other hand, thought fascism had potential)! 

Maybe it’s not really all about that.  Perhaps Putin is throwing small, anti-American/NATO tantrums because he feels his country is too big, and getting too rich from oil to be treated like the Cold War also-ran that they are.  The speech was obviously a part of Putin’s domestic political agenda and a pro-Russian holiday pep rally, but getting along with people is more likely to increase your pull in their affairs, rather than threatening a new Cold War in virtually every major speech you give! 

AP Photo.

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Democrat Tax Smoke and Mirrors

Posted by Sal on May 10, 2007

The people of the People’s republic are shocked!  Deval Patrick is raising taxes, in spite of a campaign promise that stated otherwise.   The kicker is that he is spinning it as tax relief.  This article was sent to me by Mrs. Sal, so I think it best to let her speak to the issues. 

Patrick is pushing legislation to allow communities to collect a tax of up to 2 percent on hotel and restaurant tabs, require some local pension funds to join the State Retirement Board, allow communities to buy health insurance through the state’s Group Insurance Commission, and eliminate a property tax exemption for telecommunications firms. Communities levying the hotel and meals tax would be required to dedicate at least a quarter of the revenue to reducing residential tax bills. 

Mrs. Sal:  So basically, it’s a ploy to raise more revenue.  It won’t offer much tax relief.

Patrick said he decided to go forward with the proposal to end a long-standing property tax exemption on telecommunications equipment, despite warnings from the companies that doing so would force them to increase consumer rates and curb advances toward universal broadband service.  “There is no correlation between taxes paid by the phone company and rates,” Patrick said.    

Mrs Sal:  My personal favorite.  Because, of course, the phone companies aren’t going to pass the tax increase along to the consumer.

 “For years, the people of
Massachusetts have been paying more and getting less, and we have just got to turn that around,” he said

Mrs. Sal:  Uh-huh.  So we’ll still be paying more…just in other ways.  I know 2% on a $40 tab isn’t much, but it’s the principle.  It’s feasible that we could end up paying the meals tax and hotel tax and still not see any reduction in residential taxes, since we do eat/stay in other towns than our own.

Salinger:  The Democrat double-speak is unfortunately what the people of MA deserve.  Patrick is very similar to another mainstream politician running for President — Barack Obama (and no, I am not saying this because they are both African American).  Both have relatively political experience, both know how to speak to an audience and appear smooth and polished, and both offer very little in the way of substantive ideas.  Patrick didn’t say much during the campaign except for catch-prhases like “Together We Can” and “Hopes and Dreams”, and the ever-popular “Magic can Happen!” (I kid you not).  Obama strikes me as that type of politician.  Short on substance during the campaign, ultra-liberal if he gets elected. 

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Hamasvision Gives Farfur the Terror Mouse a Vote of Confidence

Posted by Mike on May 10, 2007

Hamasvision has given Farfur the Terror Mouse a vote of confidence following a heated debate within the terrorist community. Popular with Jihadists in the “occupied territories,” Farfur drew the civilized world’s ire after they discovered how the mouse uses his familiar look and catchy musical scores to preach Islamic domination, the “virtues” of suicide bombing, and dancing on the grave of Ariel Sharon. (Hamasvision doesn’t seem to know that Sharon is still alive, but hey, they don’t seem to know about the Holocaust either so maybe we can cut them some slack).

Terrorists across the “occupied territories” are said to be delighted at the network’s reversal. Many jihadist families believed they would have been forced to dip into their Saddam suicide bomber savings to purchase alternative children’s terrorist training programming. Hamas is trying to downplay the situation.

Hamas officials denied they were using the show to incite children against Jews. “Our problem is not with the Jews,” said Yehia Moussa, a Hamas leader in the movement’s Gaza Strip base. “Our problem is with the [Israeli] occupation and the occupiers.”

Where have I heard that before? I can’t put my finger on it but I digress.

Fatah, a more peaceful Palestinian terrorist organization, isn’t buying it.

Palestinian Broadcasting, controlled by Hamas’ political rival Fatah, said Farfur was not “professional”.

The corporation’s Abu Sumaya told the Associated Press news agency: “Children’s nationalist spirit must be developed differently.

“I don’t think it’s professional or even humane to use children in such harsh political programmes.”

Here is a sampling of Farfur overzealously preaching “the nationalist spirit.”

Photo: Al Aqsa TV via AP

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