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Democrat Tax Smoke and Mirrors

Posted by Sal on May 10, 2007

The people of the People’s republic are shocked!  Deval Patrick is raising taxes, in spite of a campaign promise that stated otherwise.   The kicker is that he is spinning it as tax relief.  This article was sent to me by Mrs. Sal, so I think it best to let her speak to the issues. 

Patrick is pushing legislation to allow communities to collect a tax of up to 2 percent on hotel and restaurant tabs, require some local pension funds to join the State Retirement Board, allow communities to buy health insurance through the state’s Group Insurance Commission, and eliminate a property tax exemption for telecommunications firms. Communities levying the hotel and meals tax would be required to dedicate at least a quarter of the revenue to reducing residential tax bills. 

Mrs. Sal:  So basically, it’s a ploy to raise more revenue.  It won’t offer much tax relief.

Patrick said he decided to go forward with the proposal to end a long-standing property tax exemption on telecommunications equipment, despite warnings from the companies that doing so would force them to increase consumer rates and curb advances toward universal broadband service.  “There is no correlation between taxes paid by the phone company and rates,” Patrick said.    

Mrs Sal:  My personal favorite.  Because, of course, the phone companies aren’t going to pass the tax increase along to the consumer.

 “For years, the people of
Massachusetts have been paying more and getting less, and we have just got to turn that around,” he said

Mrs. Sal:  Uh-huh.  So we’ll still be paying more…just in other ways.  I know 2% on a $40 tab isn’t much, but it’s the principle.  It’s feasible that we could end up paying the meals tax and hotel tax and still not see any reduction in residential taxes, since we do eat/stay in other towns than our own.

Salinger:  The Democrat double-speak is unfortunately what the people of MA deserve.  Patrick is very similar to another mainstream politician running for President — Barack Obama (and no, I am not saying this because they are both African American).  Both have relatively political experience, both know how to speak to an audience and appear smooth and polished, and both offer very little in the way of substantive ideas.  Patrick didn’t say much during the campaign except for catch-prhases like “Together We Can” and “Hopes and Dreams”, and the ever-popular “Magic can Happen!” (I kid you not).  Obama strikes me as that type of politician.  Short on substance during the campaign, ultra-liberal if he gets elected. 


One Response to “Democrat Tax Smoke and Mirrors”

  1. Ryan said

    I wonder how long it’s going to take the general public to realize that when Democrats say that they are going to leave taxes alone, they’re lying. If they say that they will cut taxes, they’re lying. If they say taxes’ll go up a little, stuff the cash under the mattress! I agree that Massachusetts deserves this for electing Deval, a man I still believe has real mental issues.

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