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Hamasvision Gives Farfur the Terror Mouse a Vote of Confidence

Posted by Mike on May 10, 2007

Hamasvision has given Farfur the Terror Mouse a vote of confidence following a heated debate within the terrorist community. Popular with Jihadists in the “occupied territories,” Farfur drew the civilized world’s ire after they discovered how the mouse uses his familiar look and catchy musical scores to preach Islamic domination, the “virtues” of suicide bombing, and dancing on the grave of Ariel Sharon. (Hamasvision doesn’t seem to know that Sharon is still alive, but hey, they don’t seem to know about the Holocaust either so maybe we can cut them some slack).

Terrorists across the “occupied territories” are said to be delighted at the network’s reversal. Many jihadist families believed they would have been forced to dip into their Saddam suicide bomber savings to purchase alternative children’s terrorist training programming. Hamas is trying to downplay the situation.

Hamas officials denied they were using the show to incite children against Jews. “Our problem is not with the Jews,” said Yehia Moussa, a Hamas leader in the movement’s Gaza Strip base. “Our problem is with the [Israeli] occupation and the occupiers.”

Where have I heard that before? I can’t put my finger on it but I digress.

Fatah, a more peaceful Palestinian terrorist organization, isn’t buying it.

Palestinian Broadcasting, controlled by Hamas’ political rival Fatah, said Farfur was not “professional”.

The corporation’s Abu Sumaya told the Associated Press news agency: “Children’s nationalist spirit must be developed differently.

“I don’t think it’s professional or even humane to use children in such harsh political programmes.”

Here is a sampling of Farfur overzealously preaching “the nationalist spirit.”

Photo: Al Aqsa TV via AP


2 Responses to “Hamasvision Gives Farfur the Terror Mouse a Vote of Confidence”

  1. Chris said

    OK, so if I’m Roger Iger (CEO of Disney), I’d be really ticked off about now. As a response, I would do two things:

    1) Sue Hamas for copyright infringement. It may not get much traction, but at least it will get the world’s attention.

    2) Put their Imagineering Team on the fastrack to build an Israel Pavilion on the empty space between China and Germany along EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon. By doing this, not only will Disney provide the world with a look into the Israeli culture and show its many positive attributes, but it will also make a political statement through its construction: Israel has a distinct culture that is recongized around the world despite what Hamas and many Middle Eastern Nations believe. Back in the 1980s, it was supposed to be one of the four new World Showcase Pavilions to be built (Norway, Switzerland and Spain were the other three…the only one that opened was Norway) and Eisner (former CEO of Disney) wimped out because he was concerned that Disney would lose money, as a result of its consturction and the controversy he claimed would surround it.

    I predict that Disney won’t do anything about this and the unfortunate thing is that many will forget this and Hamas will continue to brainwash Palestinian children through the use of cartoons, creating even more homicide bombers wanting to destroy Israel, and eventually, the US.

  2. Ryan said

    The crazy videos that I’ve seen on Fox exposes of this kind of brainwashing is worse than anything the Nazis did. The Nazis were at least teaching pride as a reason for their heinous and racist behaviors. Hamas and other Islamo-fascists are teaching their kids to kill themselves and take some Jews with them. A culture who devalues the life of children has little future to look forward to.

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