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Bush Resigns? They Wish!

Posted by Ryan on May 11, 2007

CNN International actually showed the above graphic for 12 seconds around midnight yesterday.  These Lefties are continuing to experience a psychological issue about their penchant for confusing Bush today and Nixon in their childhood.  Maybe it was a computer graphic technician’s LSD flashback, a complete accident, or intentional (or maybe truly unconscious) projection of their own real wants and desires.  By the way, that’s Tony Blair who resigned, not Dubya!  They wish!

CNN TV graphic.


One Response to “Bush Resigns? They Wish!”

  1. Chris said

    Not surprising coming from a network that X-ed out Cheney or aired a restroom convo during a Bush speech . So they’re either incompetent or unprofessional…this new incident is just another example of why CNN stinks.

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