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Searching for Our Troops

Posted by Ryan on May 14, 2007

“Al Qaeda in Iraq” through their surrogate “The Islamic State of Iraq” seems to think that a Democrat has already won the White House–where they can comfortably dictate that the American had better not go after three of its own kidnapped soldiers in a known al Qaeda hot zone.  They are being pretty ridiculous, here, but they must think such rhetoric could work or they wouldn’t bother.  Al Qaeda’s pining the rape and murder of a teenager last year by US soldiers.  Karma sometimes stinks but the legal process is well under way.  Al Qaeda chooses not to respect the legal process so they chose to act in such a fashion, kidnapping our troops.

The soldiers they have taken are probably dead or tortured or making propaganda videos under duress (not in the British fashion, of course).  Their fate is practically sealed.  What “street-cred” would al Qaeda have if they actually started gaving back US soldiers?  Give me a break!  We should tear through the region, blowing up every Sunni stronghold that gives us guff along the way.  The Sunni’s know that they’ll lose a civil war if one breaks out so they are vulnerable.  With Iraqi troops helping and US firepower taking it to ’em, we can affect change in the area, which is probably why al Qaeda is so anxious about us going into their safe areas.

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Newt’s Great Possibility

Posted by Ryan on May 14, 2007

Today on “Good Morning America” Newt Gingrich said that it is a “great possibility” that he’ll run for the White House, but no decisions will be made until the fall.  Here’s a copy of the whole interview

This prospect comes as a shock to no one who follows the former Speaker; he’s been spouting this same line for nearly a year.  Yet, it comes at an opportune time for those of us not too impressed with the current GOP field.  I’ll drink the Kool-Aid and vote for anyone against She Who Must Not Be Named in the general, but I will vote my political conscience in the primaries.  I think Newt’s great!  He’s got ideas, vision, historical perspective, he debates with the facts on his side and rarely lets the Dems get away with anything.  He’s got a slimy background… well apparently any serious candidate in the field has something (or in Romney’s case, doesn’t have enough) wrong with him.  Putting all that aside, I think Newt’s the most Reaganesque on the issues, but also innovative enough to carry his own ideas beyond Ron’s shadow.

Pic from blog. He’s giving it to George Stephanopoulos.

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