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Fred Thompson Has No Time for Michael Moore

Posted by Mike on May 15, 2007

How the mighty have fallen.  Amazingly desperate for publicity after each of his films have been exposed as cut and paste jobs with no basis in fact, Michael Moore challenged Fred Thompson to a debate over Cuba.  Apparently, the comic book guy is a little upset over criticisms he received for his allegedly illegal trip to Cuba while Fred Thompson puffs away on the only product worth anything from the tin-pot dictatorship with impunity.

I’m slightly surprised that Thompson bothered to respond to someone in the fast lane toward irrelevance.  That said, Thompson’s response should earn him a few points with the base.  It puts a liberal windbag in his place and does so in a manner appropriate for so someone unimportant.  It kind of reminds me of when the Vice President took John Edwards to the woodshed.

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6 Responses to “Fred Thompson Has No Time for Michael Moore”

  1. gasdocpol said



  2. Booboo said

    Oh I don’t think republicans should ever have to answer any questions and nobody in America should ever be allowed to pose opposition to rightwing policies.

    Michael Moore is out of his mind to question Fred Thompson’s actions. Doesn’t he know that Thompson is a big movie star but more importantly he is a republican and therefore above criticism.

    Michael Moore is a has been who never was and he has no more right to make movies than Mel Gibson does. We must do something to put a stop to criticisms of republicans in America.

    We must make an example of Michael Moore. We should belittle him and ridicule him and expose him as a fool. That will 1. Be a warning to anyone who dares criticise rightwingers that the same thing will happen to them. 2. Make us feel like tough machco big men who don’t need no stinkin American type debates because we know everything. 3. Our might makes right and if anyone disagrees we will destroy their lives and their reputations. 4. Make us look incredibly powerful and manly while making those on the left look like weaklings. Stupid weaklings.

    Anybody got a light?

  3. Salinger said

    Booboo, your comment is laughable. Of course Michael Moore is allowed to “oppose right wing policies.” But when you enter the arena of ideas, you open yourself up to criticism? Why can’t we criticize Michael Moore for his lack of accuracy, his bad movies, etc. He has a right to criticize the Right, and we have a right to criticize him back. A debate requires that people argue facts. Michael Moore has been dealing in half-truths for years.

  4. Ryan said

    Perhaps, Booboo, I’m sensing a bit of sarcasm? I think one can smack up Republicans all they want. Just be prepared for Republicans to respond. It’s a simple formula. It’s just that liberals don’t like to have their ideas challenged.
    I think the Fred clip is brilliant. It’s quick, to the point, ridicules a god-amongst-leftists (if there was a god, of course), which of course will generate lots of buzz amongst those others who think Michael Moore is a big fat idiot. A bit fat idiot, mind you, that can say anything he likes in the sphere of public discourse.
    Yet, another thing that liberals tend to miss is that while you have the freedom of speech, you do not have the right to be heard. If Fred wants to avoid or ridicule Moore, let him, but Moore has to understand that just because he whines loudly, it doesn’t mean Fred’s coming with the milk. Nor should Fred have to– it’s just a baiting tactic by a transparent socialist looking to score points at someone else’s expense.

  5. Jack said

    Booboo, what Fred did is called “Putting the dog in its place”, and he did it extremely well.

    The Apache have a saying: “The coyote howls insults yet he is a coward the puma screams insults and yet he is brave. The deference between the Left and the Right is that when the Islamic extremists come for you and Moore we do our best to cover your sorry asses, while you and your sort will be making deals to sell us out.

    The best thing for you to do Booboo is to crawl back under the bed and howl kumbaya because no one jerked your chain.

  6. Sharon said

    Sit Booboo, sit
    (before someone things you are as Ignorant as Moore, opps to late).

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