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Salinger’s Debate LiveBlog

Posted by Sal on May 15, 2007

 My thoughts on the Republican debate as it happens.  Note that all quotes below are approximate paraphrases, as I typed them as I heard them: 

  • 9:09:  Brownback’s Iraq position is still troubling to me.  He sounds more like a Democrat on Iraq than a Republican. 
  • 9:13:  Best question of the night by Chris Wallace to Ron Paul:  “Are you running in for President in the wrong party?”
  • 9:17:  Even the internet questions are more intelligent on Fox than they were on MSDNC.
  • 9:23:  Line of the night, so far:  “We’ve had a congress that’s spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop,” Mike Huckabee. 
  • 9:29:  Ron Paul strikes me as slightly unstable.  
  • 9:31:  Duncan Hunter has the best solution I’ve heard yet to try to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S..  Eliminate taxes on Manufacturing. 
  • 9:33:  Observation from Mrs. Sal:  “That bell is a lot less obnoxious than “Time…  Time… Time…”
  • 9:38:  Gilmore picked on the biggest weakness of Romney, the quasi-socialist mandatory healthcare plan that the state of MA implemented under his watch. 
  • 9:44:  Brownback’s support of Comprehensmive Immigration Reform along with his views in Iraq have really caused me to re-evaluate my views of him since he began his run. 
  • 9:48:  Giuliani’s abortion argument compared to slavery holds no weight.  He stated that no one believes in slavery, but people disagree on abortion.  What he forgets is that people at the time of slavery did believe that it was a good thing. 
  • 9:50:  Brownback’s positon on abortion is probably the most logical out of the entire group.  Some esteem for him has been renewed on my part. 
  • 9:53:  Romney’s abortion answer was somewhat weak. 
  • 9:57:  Romney’s point on campaign finance reform and the subsequent applause, along with McCain’s attack on his changing views was a perfect example of why Fred Thomson’s poll numbers are so high, even though he’s not running.
  • 9:59:  Line of the night #2, from Giuliani:  “Thanks to Congressman Tancredo for calling me soft on anything.  That’s the first time I’ve been called soft on anything in twenty years.  It may help my reputation.”
  • 10:01:  Congressman Tancredo, what is a “Case of the Slows?”
  • 10:02:  Ron Paul, where did you come from?  “There is a longstanding anti-war position within the Republican Party?”  Since when?
  • 10:04:  Ron Paul is giving legitimacy to the terrorists.  Giulian’s response was brilliant, talking about how it was NOT our fault that we were attacked on 9/11, and that Paul should apologize. Debates often aren’t really “debates” anymore.  This exchange was the closest thing I’ve seen to a real debate in a while. 
  • 10:10:  Duncan Hunter on Global Warming:  “We need to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, not just because it is a global warming issue, but because it is a national security issue.
  • 10:16:  The torture issue.  McCain’s torture answer was sickening.  So world opinion matters more than safety.  Giuliani’s answer was convincing on doing what needed to be done, and Romney’s answer showed a strong Presidential anti-terror policy. 
  • 10:19:  These scenarios are good questions.  Anyone want to take a guess what the Democrat candidates would say if they were asked these scenario questions?
  • 10:26: Line of the night #3 and #4, Tancredo:  “I’m looking for Jack Bauer at that point” in response to the hypotheticals.  He made a much more serious point when he said, “When we go under, Western Civilization goes under.”
  • 10:29:  Romney is very polished.  His answer on what he disagreed with the Republican base on was as good of an answer he could have possibly given to that question. 

Post-debate:  I liked the format, but there was no clear winner this time.  One of the problems with so many candidates is that each one only got asked about a dozen questions.  For more in-depth analysis, I’ll defer to Mike’s post-debate analysis, coming soon. 


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