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It’s Official: Dems Dodge Fox!

Posted by Ryan on May 16, 2007

The Dems have snubbed Fox News in their current schedule of debates!  Six debates taking place in the traditional old media, liberal spots: CNN, NBC/MSDNC, ABC, and CBS.  It’s funny because there’s no way they’d get more exposure on CNN or MSDNC than they would on Fox News.  So, is their point to have exposure or preach to the choir?  They’re hiding and dodging the most watched cable news channel; perceived Fox bias or not, it’s a petty move.  That tells me they feel weak… and that the DNC follows Bill Clinton’s directives to boycott Fox since that Chris Wallace interview last September where BJ Clinton had to answer tough questions.  Dems don’t like tough questions.

Link via Drudge.

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