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Troop Supplies for a Minimum Wage?

Posted by Ryan on May 21, 2007

This seems like reality.  The Dems on the Hill are in the process of giving in (finally!) on the war finding issue… if the President is willing to deal with a minimum wage hike… which he absolutely should not do if there is not small business breaks to ease in their worker’s artificial wage increase.

My philosophical problem:  why can’t the Dems just fund our troops in the middle of an operation in the middle of a war without having some string attached?  This is getting quite ridiculous when you think about it!  They can’t just wait until September, when the surge is complete and has been working a while to play their petty political games.  Their Moonbat fringe might not have the patience in that case.  Hopefully people are noticing their harmful obstructionism. 

One Response to “Troop Supplies for a Minimum Wage?”

  1. Noonan said

    Wow. I didn’t think the Dems could screw this one up. A month before the 2006 election, GOP leadership raised their salary within hours of voting down the minimum wage to tailor make Dems campaign commercials. Now the Dems are actually going to tie the minimum wage to something else? And of all things funding for the war on terror?! I guess they felt obliged to reciprocate the political ineptitude.

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